Start your new year surrounded by good energy

Start your new year surrounded by good energy

The December festivities are over, but that is not why we are going to start the year without energy and bad thoughts. It is a new year, a new opportunity to start from scratch in every way and with all the desire to receive the new challenges that come. Usually, many people before finishing a year, we carry out a general cleaning of the house, when referring to cleaning we speak in an energetic and material way, for example it is good that we separate all the damaged things and that they do not serve us,and also perform a purification cleanse. If you want to start your year in the best way and recharged with positive energy, just pay attention to the following recommendations.

Purify your soul and home

If you want to purify your home and also your soul, a good option is the essential oils of palo santo. What you will do is put in a spray a little water and essential oil, you can spray on your bed, corners, wherever you want, you can even use an aroma diffuser, place 3 to 5 drops of essential oil and you will see how its citrus smell Woody, it will relax you and recharge you with energy.

To attract money

For this new year to go well economically, what we will do is the following. We will place coins on the floor. It is recommended to place it in the corners of the house and at the entrance of the door with a few drops of essential oil. Another ritual to attract money is to place several coins in the entrance of the door, and sweep them into the house. Although the idea sounds a bit crazy, it's okay to try.

Can old things bring bad luck?

It is believed that objects can attract all the negative energy, I recently had an experience that makes me believe that theory. There was a season at home that things did not go as we wanted, my children were without energy, and the atmosphere in the home was tense, they performed cleanings with palo santo and other materials but it did not work. Until my sister told me that having equipment, clothes, and things damaged in our house can attract bad energy and bad luck, these objects bring bad luck because they symbolize dead things.

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