Eliminate your child's nightly fear by using essential oils

Eliminate your child's nightly fear by using essential oils

The nightly fear of our children is something that all mothers deal with. Currently, it is more common for our children to suffer from this disorder, many of them have Internet access where they can see terrifying content causing this problem.

My 10-year-old son a few days ago was watching some horror movies, which caused me not to sleep with the lights off and alone, I did not know what I could do to eliminate his fear, and I started researching on the internet, and I found with the surprise of not being the only mom with this problem. As I said, I love natural medicine and holistic therapy, which I asked in an Aromatherapy forum Are there essential oils useful for children's nighttime fears? Many people answered me and recommended several essential oils that worked for me, and today I will share them with you.

Before proceeding to use essential oils, it is important that we talk about the issue with our children, and find out what is the cause of the discomfort and fear. Sometimes children come to sleep with the potatoes, because of fear, but according to psychologists this is not correct. We must make our son feel comfortable in his room, I started by placing soft lights lamps, and a diffuser of aromas, so you can relax and sleep peacefully and the truth that worked for me.

Essential oils that help to sleep in children

Laurel essential oil: It is recommended to use this essential oil when you need to bring confidence and security in yourself, many people use when they have to give an exam, perform physical or sports activities.

Palo Santo essential oil: PaloSanto has a pleasant aroma of woody citrus, which helps to eliminate stress, fatigue, helps to relax the body and eliminates all negative energies, it is also ideal to counteract flu symptoms, allergies, and cough.

Mandarina essential oil: This is one of the most used essential oils in children, helps calm the nervous system of the little ones, has a sweet fragrance, which makes you enter in confidence and fills you with joy, Orange oil also possesses the same benefits.


How to apply essential oils in children?

By inhalation: it is the basic method in aromatherapy. It can be direct or not. Aromatic diffusers are used, if you do not have one you can use a pot with hot water and place 15 drops of essential oil, and you will have the same benefits. This alternative is for problems in the respiratory tract, if you do not have a diffuser click on the following link. Tips for practicing aromatherapy at home

Direct inhalation: 1 drop of tangerine and 1 drop of saro in the wrists, or in a handkerchief, to make slow and deep inspirations before going to bed.

In the morning, before going to school, 1 drop of laurel mixed with 1 drop of sweet almond oil, on the wrists and chest.

Plant of the feet: the previous mixture can be enhanced with 1 drop of angelica and applied to the plants of the feet.

I hope this post is very helpful, if you get to use these essential oils do not forget to leave us your experience in the comments. Remember to follow us on our social networks where we upload new content every day, Facebook,Twitter,Instagram.  


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