Ministry of Environment of Ecuador granted the sustainable use of Palo Santo | The Integrated Management Plan Part 4

Ministry of Environment of Ecuador granted the sustainable use of Palo Santo | The Integrated Management Plan Part 4

The Integrated Management Plan is being executed in "El Cerrito" sector of Jipijapa city, province of Manabí. It has gone through several stages; Since the creation of the project, meetings with the community, surveys to the community and finally getting the aproval by the Ministry of Enviroment for the sustainable use of Palo Santo.

First, the Integrated Management Project was created. Here are established the actions to prevent, control and correct the environmental impacts of the sector. It also includes the description and location of the area, the sketch of the land and the forest control measures.

In second place was the recognition of the zoning of the property. The property has 50 hectares. REFORESTATION: 5,000 Palo Santo trees will be planted and given sustainable management. There was also an assessment of flora and fauna on the site.

Thirdly, meetings with the community were made. In this step the people approved the Reforestation Plan as well as all the actions presented in the PMI. The inhabitants of the community have the advantage of gathering the Palo Santo for free and sell it to us. They accepted the project because it would bring benefits to the community.

Fourth, a survey was conducted among the inhabitants of the community. 16 families were surveyed. They agreed to protect this dry forest. There will be a restoration and reforestation. The objective is to generate in the sector sources of work, activate the economy and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of the area.

After the Integrated Management Plan was approved, The Ministry of Environment of Ecuador granted us with the license for sustainable use of Palo Santo. The coordinated work allows to follow the traceability of Palo Santo; from its planting, picking, transformation and commercialization.

The traceability of the Palo Santo begins with the territorial organization, planting, forest control, analysis of reforested hectares, tree quality control, collection and exit to the laboratory, product evaluation.

Within this evolution, incense and essential oils are obtained. Essential oils have a long process: It starts from selection, boiling, distillation, purification and packaging. These products have multiple benefits for health and beauty.

3 hectares have been reforested. 1600 species of Palo Santo and 100 trees of Pepito Colorado. It has planted 30% more than expected as part destroyed by cattle.

NOTE: Recall that the Integrated Management Plan establishes regulations for sustainable forest management and utilization of Palo Santo, the recommended techniques, commitments and responsibilities in the execution of plans, management, forestry and the conservation of its environmental services.

We’ve been contacted by customers and friends wanting to take part in this ecological action. The best ways is purchasing products made of naturally dead palo santo bursera graveolens. Nevertheless there’s also the option of adopting simbolically one of the ID/georeferenced palo santo tree. As we’ve mentioned before, they will be monitored throughout their development. You are Welcome!

And you? Are you ready to adopt a Palo Santo tree and contribute to the protection of the environment? Donate and/or Get Palo Santo Essential Oils and Incense products and make the difference!

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