Use of essential oils to improve memory

Use of essential oils to improve memory

Has it happened to you that we often forget things, or maybe we have a lack of concentration? I am currently 28 years old and believe me with my studies, my son and work, I have so many things in my mind that it is difficult for you to find focus, clarity and concentration to do a specific job or task.

When I was a teenager, during the exam seasons, my mom gave me some pills that were used for concentration. but if you have read my other publications, I do not like medicines, I prefer to use natural remedies.

One day snooping on the internet, I found something fabulous, I discovered that we can improve our memory, using essential oils, so pay attention and discover what are the ideal essential oils to improve our memory and have a better concentration.

Rosemary essential oil

The essential oil of rosemary is ideal to cope with mental fatigue and improves mental clarity. It has a pleasant aroma that moves you to a state of alertness. It also calms anxiety, promotes analysis and mental ability. Try rubbing it on the palms of your hands in the morning while you check your schedule or add some drops to a relaxing bath at night while you reactive for the next day.

Orange or tangerine essential oil

The citrus essential oils have sweet fruity aromas that are stimulating and have properties that increase the mood to instantly put a smile on your face. If you have the anguish of the test, get yourself a bottle of sweet orange essential oil; just a little bit of that citrus scent will make you happy again.

Being a soft oil I use it with my son, before studying, inhale the sweet orange essential oil directly from the bottle, believe me its pleasant aroma will make you enter a state of peace and harmony that everything you study will stay in your mind.

Stick essential oilSanto

Palo Santo oil is very common where I live. It has several benefits, it is ideal to treat allergies, counteract symptoms of flu and cough, plus it has a pleasant smell of woody citrus that helps recharge your energies eliminating fatigue and stress. It is considered a natural relaxant, which inhale its aroma can help activate your brain and help you concentrate.

Mint essential oil

A study conducted by "The International Journal of Neuroscience" showed that mint improves memory and increases alertness. Spreading peppermint oil while studying can help you stay focused and alert without feeling drowsy and also increases retention rates for that you can absorb as much information from your study material as you can while enjoying its fresh and stimulating scent!

If you do not know how to apply the essential oils I recommend you read my previous publications, I teach you how to use essential oils correctly at home. Essential Oils: Beginner's Guide

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