Toquilla straw hat, the accessory that makes any outfit look amazing

Toquilla straw hat, the accessory that makes any outfit look amazing

The beach season is approaching, and the fashion accessories and star this year are toquilla straw hats , tagua and shell jewelery. Using these accessories with your swimsuit or your beachwear can give you a unique, amazing and original style at the same time.

Straw hats or Panama hat, is a craft that does not understand the age, or social classes, kings, queens, presidents, celebrities and people around the world use it for its versatility and the protection it gives to the heads of its carriers, so it is not an excuse to say that only people with money use it, because there are hats at a very accessible and completely original price.

Although many know it as panama hat, these crafts are made in Ecuador, where you can find hats with the following names, Jipijapa hats, Montecristi hats, or Cuenca hats, since these are the cities where these crafts are made , but if you want a super fine hat, you can get it in our online store, or in Pile community of Montecristi.

Something you should know is that toquilla straw hats are totally versatile, and is a complement to make your outfit becomes more striking, if you are a woman you can combine your hat with flowered dresses, with your swimsuit and pareos. For men you can combine the straw hat with floral shirts, plain colored shirts and short bermuda shorts. Take into account an advice is only a matter of playing with our wardrobe and create your own combinations and styles.

You can also combine other accessories such as sunglasses or handmade jewelery: They can be used in many ways. With your bathing suit, with a blouse, dress, top or a kimono. The Costume Jewelry of Tagua is attractive because it is handmade by artisans. You can combine necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. For men there is also a variety of costume jewelery. Necklaces of pearls of Palo Santo in masculine colors, or necklaces and bracelets of tagua.

If you want more information on how to combine or how to choose a hat according to our facial texture or dress, click on the following link. 4 Ideas to combine your toquilla straw hat

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