Llanganates National Park (beautiful hill)

Llanganates National Park (beautiful hill)

The national park llanganates is one of the places you must visit if you travel first to Ecuador. The name of llanganates means hill beautiful, which is true, the year are many families who visit it to live incredible and unique experiences.

Llanganates was declared a national park on January 18, 1996. This park includes several altitudinal levels with ecosystems of páramo, Andean forest and humid montane forest.

It is spread over 219,707 hectares between the provinces of Tungurahua, Cotopaxi, Pastaza and Napo, its temperature ranges between 3 and 24 ° C and in its interior the systems of the Napo and Pastaza rivers originate. 200 lagoons have been cataloged in its lacustrine system and it is considered one of the most significant wetlands in the world.

The Llanganates National Park besides being an incredible place with several ecosystems to enjoy as a family is a place full of mysticism. There is a legend which tells that in this place General Rumiñahui hid the treasure of Atahualpa, who was assassinated by Francisco Pizarro in Cajamarca (Peru).

In 1533, Rumiñahui moved from present-day Ecuador to Cajamarca to pay for the rescue of the Inca leader. Upon learning of his death he decided to hide a large amount of gold in a safe place to protect the Inca heritage from the looting that the Spaniards carried out during La Conquista.

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Things you can do in the Llanganates National Park

• Amaruncachi Lagoon: It is a natural reservoir on the Jatunyacu River, where the Community Ecotourism Network (RICANCIE) develops a well-implemented tourism project that can comfortably accommodate its visitors. This is the only tourist infrastructure in the area. The Jatunyacu River draws from the mountain range considerable quantities of gold that is recovered by craftsmen from the sector.

• Llagantes Sangay Ecological Corridor: This corridor extends along the Pastaza River basin from Baños, in a length of approximately 47 km, and a width that goes from 1 to 3 km; It is characterized because it is possessor of a great variety of flora and fauna endemic to the area. In this corridor we find several tourist attractions such as tarabitas waterfalls and ecological trails that have made this place privileged and visited by national and foreign tourists.

• Mountain peaks of Abitagua: Located in the eastern part of the park, ecosystems with great biodiversity stand out, typical of the high Amazon, where there are presumed to be several salted parrots and other oriental birds.

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