Relieves pains with aromatherapy

Relieves pains with aromatherapy

It is common that today, many of us suffer from headaches, due to fatigue, stress, or lack of sleep. According to studies, since the arrival of smartphones people sleep and rest less than recommended, causing headaches.

But today not only I come to talk about how to relieve headaches, we will also write about how to relieve muscle and joint pain.

When talking about aromatherapy generally, we quickly assume the use of essential oils through odors, although, this is good since the odors can help, activate the human brain and help us improve.

Traditionally, it has been intuitively associated with bad smell with disease, so that it has been believed in the effectiveness of aromas, perfumes and incense to prevent the spread and infection of infections. The essential oils of different plants have been used for therapeutic purposes for centuries, it can be said that since the time of the Egyptians.

For muscle pain you can use the following essential oils.

-Eucalyptus essential oil: The eucalyptus (Eucalyptus citriodora) is very useful for its high anti-inflammatory power.

- Rosemary essential oil: Rosemary oil is another fantastic essential oil possesses brain tonic qualities, contains high levels of analgesic properties that help withstand pain, discomfort and arthritis.

- Essential oil of palo santo. Reactivates blood circulation and recharges the energetic level, its pleasant aroma of woody citrus makes us enter a state of peace and free of stress.

To relieve muscle pain is easy. What you will do to use the essential oils, is the following. Keep in mind that these essential oils must be absorbed by our skin and the affected area.

First, moisten the palms of your hands with enough essential oil of your preference and rub it over the painful area with a gentle massage. Then make a slight pressure with the fingertips, avoiding exaggeration to avoid injuring the muscles.

Repeat it every night when you come to work, or every time you perceive this pain.

If what you have is headaches, and you do not know how to relieve them, these essential oils will also serve you, the only thing that changes is the way to use them . To relieve the headaches you just have to smell the essential oils directly or through a diffuser of scents, or also apply them on the temples, neck and chest. the aroma will make them relax and the pain will disappear.

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