Original gifts for Valentine's Day

Original gifts for Valentine's Day

The month of February, considered as the month of love and friendship, is a month where our creativity and emotions come to the surface and take hold of us. A clear objective, which we have, is to make a surprise and spend February 14 with that special little person for our heart, in a way full of magic and unique. When we remember it, it fills us with joy and happiness.

It is for this reason that today I come to recommend some gifts that can be made to your partner or your best friend, and surprise them on February 14.

If you have an idea to spend the two together at home, relaxed and able to share a day full of peace and harmony, this idea is ideal for you.

What do you think of an aromatherapy kit, that is, a package of essential oils, incense, natural soaps, aromatic candles, I assure you that the person who receives it will be fascinated. But the idea is not just to give the kit away. The main idea is that you provide a spa service. In other words, you can use essential oils and perform a relaxing massage. Or maybe prepare an aromatic bath, using aromatic candles, natural soaps. The idea is to be able to spend a quiet moment, and harmoniously together.

If your special person is more fashionable and travel, you can give him a straw hat, and also give him a trip to the best beaches of Ecuador, you can also decorate the hat according to the tastes of the person who will receive it. That is, you can customize it and make it more special. If it is for your girlfriend or friend, you can give them jewelry made of vegetable ivory or tagua, there are different models and many colors to choose from.

Another idea to spend Valentine's Day in a unique way, is to make a camp, in a romantic area, imagine seeing the stars, being alone, listening to the sound of nature, a bonfire, the truth that will make you fall in love more.

If you want a gift for your mother or your grandma, because we can also give something to them in these celebrations. We can give them home-made homemade flavorings, or perhaps a moisturizing cream with healing properties, or some jewels, or a special kit for them, where they involve tagua jewelry, handmade soaps and the toquilla straw hat.

But there is no better gift than sharing moments together in a unique and special way. What would you like to be given on Valentine's Day, or what idea do you think of giving to your special someone? let us know in the comments.

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