Control the fall of your hair with the use of essential oils

Control the fall of your hair with the use of essential oils

Hair loss is a problem with which we fight women and men. The use of inappropriate products in our hair can cause hair loss or maltreatment, or often generate dandruff. A few months ago I bought a shampoo that supposedly was to strengthen the scalp, but when I used it, I noticed that a week, my hair was very badly treated, with the brittle ends and I was starting to get dandruff.

I spoke with a friend, who has beautiful, long and strong hair, and gave me some advice, which I share with you today.

They know that I really like the natural and chemical-free remedy, and as it is of knowledge I like to use essential oils, and get their benefits and properties in the best way, so today will not be the exception.

Some essential oils can help us, and much, in case of excessive hair loss or to make our hair look stronger and grow faster.

Rosemary essential oil helps prevent excessive hair loss, as it activates capillary irrigation and, consequently, strengthens the hair a lot and helps it grow faster and healthier. In addition, it is a great natural revitalizer and very effective to treat oily hair and dandruff.

Thyme essential oil is a very effective product in case the hair has become weak and thin, because thanks to its properties it helps to strengthen and thicken it. On the other hand, it is excellent for slowing progressive hair loss, providing more volume and promoting growth.

Palo Santo essential oil stimulates the scalp, treats dandruff and promotes hair growth. In addition, it has soothing effects that reduce inflammation of the skin. The best of palo santo oil is the pleasant sensation of freshness when it is used, you will notice how it activates your mind, increases your mood and alleviates tensions.

These 3 essential oils are very easy to get and the truth is that their benefits are great. The way to apply or use is easy pay close attention.

If what you want is to grow your hair, and combat its fall, you should do the following, use a little oil of rosemary and thyme, we will dilute it with a little water and place it in our hair from root to ends , we must massage very well. This should be done at night when you go to sleep and wash the next morning. I recommend doing it 3 times a week and you will see how your hair gets stronger and will stop falling.

If you suffer from dandruff, or some type of fungus on your head. the oil of palo santo is the ideal for you, mix 15 drops of essential oil of Palo Santo with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and another of almond oil, we place it 10 seconds in the micro, and then we apply it on the scalp Wet giving circular massages and spreading all over the hair. Before washing it, wrap it in a towel or a shower cap and let it act for one hour.

IF they do not have time to do these beauty routines, they can do what I do, buy a neutral shampoo without salt, and place vitamin E, and then a few drops of essential oil of our choice. You will see how the improvements will be noticed in days.

I hope this information is very helpful, remember to leave us your comment about these options to counteract hair loss. Remember to follow us on our social networks, where we are uploading new content every day, Facebook,Twitter,Instagram


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