The Ecuadorian Tagua will have its denomination of origin

The Ecuadorian Tagua will have its denomination of origin

The designation of origin indicates that a product has the characteristics necessary to belong to a region of said city or country. In this geographical environment the product is produced and transformed.

Tagua is a product originating in the tropical mountains of Ecuador. Its quality is similar to elephant ivory. It is known as vegetable ivory for its unique strength and appearance. This wild species takes 30 to 40 years to grow and bear fruit.

The Tagua seed is sanded, cut and polished to produce the final product. This process is necessary to give it shape that can be flat, round, square, etc.

The Ministry of Foreign Trade together with ProEcuador promote a program of preservation of forests where there is vegetable ivory. In this way the product will be promoted in international markets.

This product brings economic benefits at home nationally. Tagua beads are used to make handmade jewelry: earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Buttons and ornamental sculptures are also sold.

To achieve the goal of consecrating the tagua is necessary a plan of communication and dissemination of the various contents referring to this palm.

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