How to feel good during pregnancy, with the use of essential oils?

How to feel good during pregnancy, with the use of essential oils?

Hello friends how are you? Today I am writing about an issue that I think many of the women who are moms and those who are about to become mothers, we have passed. It is normal that when we become mothers or when we are in gestation, we have a bad pregnancy, malaise, dizziness, and vomiting, which is what many of us went through during the first trimester.  Like many moms who are about to conceive, who suffer from back pains, or cramps in the belly. That is why today, I bring some advice so that they do not suffer more from these discomforts during pregnancy.

Essential oils to eliminate nausea.

If during pregnancy you are suffering from nausea or discomfort, you can use some essential oils to counteract these symptoms. You can use the essential oils of Peppermint, Mint and Lavender. They can use it through diffusion or inhalation. What we will do is mix a little of our essential oil with a neutral oil and apply a little on our chest and temples in order that the aroma manages to counteract the symptoms or nausea, we can also place a little oil essence in a diffuser of aromas.

Essential oils for headaches and insomnia

If during our pregnancy it is difficult for us to sleep, or the headaches are very frequent, we can use the essential oil of lavender or Palo Santo. Both oils are considered as natural relaxants. This can be applied as follows. Place 2 drops of essential oil on the pillow and one on your wrists before sleeping, its pleasant aroma will achieve that you can fall asleep. If you suffer from a headache, with applying some essential oil to your temples, the pain disappears.

Muscle and joint pain

If you suffer from joint and muscle pain, you can use the essential oil of palo santo. This essential oil is the ideal for you, to use it only mix it with a little neutral oil, I recommend the almond or coconut oil that are good for nourishing the skin. Once we have mixed it we will apply it on the areas that we have pains and massage in a circular way, with the aim of making our skin absorb all the oil.

There are some essential oils that are not recommended to use during pregnancy, it is good to talk to your doctor before using any type of essential oil, advise yourself very well before using some type of essential oil and make sure they are 100% natural and pure . If you are afraid to use essential oils, you can use natural soaps based on natural oil, which have the same benefits and properties.

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