Let's save together, the woven of toquilla straw hats

Let's save together, the woven of toquilla straw hats

A few weeks ago I wrote explaining the process of making the famous straw hats, because there are many people who do not know about the origin and the process of making these crafts.

The toquilla straw hats erroneously called PanamaHats, are made in the city of Montecristi Ecuador, by which its real name is MontecristiHat. It is very difficult to educate people and teach them the true origins of straw hats.

That is why today EcuadorianHands, a company dedicated to the sale of Ecuadorian handicrafts and care for the environment, is launching a project that involves toquilla straw hats and weavers.

This new project is that people who acquire a straw hat from the online store of EcuadorianHands, will receive a flyer which asks customers to share a photo of their hat on social networks, tagging @Ecuadorianhands in order to make known where the real straw hats are. In addition, the poster has some photos where they explain curious facts about the straw hat.

The objective of this campaign is for people to acquire a hat, learn what their real name is, where they make and share this knowledge in social networks, in order to ensure that the fine fabric of straw hats does not disappear and that families of weavers who live from this work can continue to manufacture and continue to be a sustenance for their families

Why do I say that the woven of straw hats can disappear?

Because the finest straw hats of the world are made in a community of Montecristi / Ecuador, this community is called Pile, in which about 600 people reside and only one third of those inhabitants are dedicated to the weaving of hats or other products linked to toquilla straw. But of that group only twelve weavers make fine straw hats, which can take between three to six months, depending on the texture of the headdress, the hat is so fine that its texture can look like silk.

The fine fabric of straw hat has a Unesco recognition, but without proper preservation could disappear from the list of heritage assets, the factor is because it is believed that the effort and dedication at the time of making this craft, is very complex and the value at which the fine hats are sold is very low, that is, the price is not fair for the effort they make.

Go ahead and join in this campaign, if you own a straw hat, take a photo and share them on your social networks by tagging the @EcuadorianHands account, and use the hashtag #MontecristiHats.

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