How to wear a wide-brimmed hat

How to wear a wide-brimmed hat

There are a lot of models of toquilla straw hats, of different shapes and colors, a few months ago I wrote a post where I gave them some tips so they can choose a suitable hat according to the shape of their face.

Recently on social networks I read comments about wide-brimmed hats, how they can be used, and it occurred to me to talk about the subject and give them some advice.

Wide-brimmed hats used to be an essential part of the outfits in the 1950s and 1960s, but today they are not used very often. Therefore, for many people, choosing the perfect hat can be an overwhelming challenge.

Recall that elongated faces, are ideal to use hats with wider wing. A face of this type is longer than it is wide. Most people with an oval face have a rounded chin. In this case, you can use a fedora with a wide brim or a cowboy hat to distract attention from the length of your face. Also, avoid the small wing hats.

When you wear a wide-brimmed hat, it is important to choose the correct attire in such a way that it does not seem forced. Try to make the hat highlight the whole in general.

Do not try to make your outfit fit the hat. In the case of men, it is necessary to make sure that the rest of the garments are tight; not baggy or big. In the case of women, the wider the brim of the hat, the longer and more loose the garments must be

• A jean jacket, a white T-shirt and tight pants are fine with a fedora or a bowler hat.

• A loose dress, sandals and sunglasses combine excellently with a wide-brimmed bowler hat.

• If you wear a large sports jacket or a suit with a wide-brimmed hat, you might see something childish. [11]

• Make sure the color of your hat matches the colors of the rest of your outfit.

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