Learn to match your clothes with style, using straw hats toquilla

Learn to match your clothes with style, using straw hats toquilla

Creating an elegant look is usually a complicated task on certain occasions, especially if we want to wear a unique and original attire. But when our imagination begins to work, ideas arise and we begin to create several combinations, even today I want to tell you about a combination that I used a few weeks ago in a somewhat formal event. The accessories that he used were tagua jewels, a toquilla straw hat that he had kept and long cloth pants, which he had not worn in a while.

Upon arriving at the event, many of my friends asked me, the name of the store where I had purchased the accessories and clothes, but what they do not know is that everything was stored in my closet.

And it is that looking fabulous, it may be easier than we think, so pay attention and learn how to combine your straw hat with long pants.

As I was saying, one of the accessories I used was the straw hat; It combines with all types of clothing, and is internationally recognized for its subtle design and its production process.

But have you ever thought about combining a long and wide trousers with a straw hat? for sure you are recreating the image of how this idea might look like or imagine how it can be adapted to your style.

It's just a matter of taking a little risk and finding the right colors and designs. Combining this long divine trousers from your closet that you do not even dare to use will be very easy if you decide to wear it with a straw hat.

In a matter of colors if you are looking for something basic and soft a good option is:

As an additional tip, we can add a detail of the same color palette, such as a tulle ribbon or a small brooch; It will give you a delicate and formal appearance without risking so much.

But if risking is your intention, prints would be a good option; among these we can find options with bright colors or neutral colors:

  • Prints with neutral colors are suitable for use at work
  • Vibrant colored prints are ideal for occasions, in which to show a sober appearance is not necessary while still looking formal.

But we can not forget, that the special touch of this outfit, is our Toquilla Straw hat, which is preferable to wear it with a horsetail style hairstyle, although it would also look good with loose hair and half wavy, the goal of being fashionable is that you create your own style.

It is important to remember that the garment that accompanies the pants must be a basic blouse long sleeves, short sleeves or strips must harmonize according to the palette of colors that make up the design of the pants.

Once our outfit is ready, we can add a tagua necklace or earrings according to the look that has been recreated. It's all about playing with our creativity and making a difference.

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