Tips for using tagua accessories

Tips for using tagua accessories

When I start my day I usually already have an idea of what the outfit will be and what will my accessories be; y elijo mis bellos accesorios de tagua, for the original touch that they give to my clothes.

There are many options that exist today to accompany your look, accessories of all kinds of designs, materials and  brands; between them are those made from tagua.

Surely you have heard about this material, known as a vegetable ivory seed from which the accessories that accompany my look are produced and They help to enhance my feminine beauty.

These accessories are little common, but I'm sure that if they dare to use them in their daily look, they will not want to stop using them.

In short, they are accessories that can not be missing in any woman's wardrobe because when you combine them are very versatile and there are all kinds of colors and designs to choose according to the style of your preference.

They may now be thinking and wondering, and how can I combine these accessories? Or yes,n do these types of accessories go according to my style?, but you do not have to worry, because it's easier than it seems to include them in our day to day, for a formal occasion and even for fantasy styles.

And so as not to deviate from the subject, next I share with you 3 guide tips to combine your tagua jewelry and they can create different outfits according to their style and personality.

Ready? We start!

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Tip # 1

For basic attire with plain colors we can use the following:

  • A striking tagua necklace not so long; if neutral colors, to highlight and give freshness.
  • In case our outfit is light or flashy, It is ideal to combine with long tagua earrings that match the chosen colors.
  • In either of these two options can include a tagua bracelet to give a sophisticated touch, , taking into account that our look is not overloaded.

Tip #2

For attire with designs or prints it is recommended:

  • Use accessories with contrasting colors; identifying which is colors of our attire.
  • Usually in this type of look is used with accessories of soft colors that we can easily find in our tagua accessories.
  • A good option for these patterned designs is to accompany them only with tagua earrings and bracelet..
  • If you want to risk your look a little more, They can use strong colors in the accessories, preferably they are of a contrasting color with the attire.

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Tip #3

For beach attire both necklaces, earrings and bracelets are important;

  • If you want to look delicate earrings in a tone that highlights combined with a basic color dress will help to give a delicate and fresh appearance.
  • If in this case our outfit is composed only of swimsuit;  earrings and a long necklace are the ideal option without recharging so much, without forgetting to accompany him with a tagua bracelet on our wrist.
  • Sometimes it is usual to wear just a short accompanied by the top of the bikini, in this case if the color is striking and depending on the design of the swimsuit you can use a subtle collar with contrasting colors, otherwise, some long earrings and a beautiful tagua bracelet are enough.

And so, I share with you these simple and easy to implement tips; remember that in fashion everything is a matter of playing between colors and designs.

¿ what did you think?, ¿ Do you like?; if so, comment that another type of look would like to create with these beautiful and original accessories, Maybe a rocker look? Or something more glamorous?.

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