Finish your week full of energy

Finish your week full of energy

At last, Friday arrives and For many, the weekend break begins.Focused on recharging new energy, taking advantage of every minute of rest; be at home or making a trip.

For this I want to share with you, a good relaxation option to recharge your batteries and eliminate the stress of the work week. Within this routine we will use two important products:

This routine can be done at night, in a quiet moment when all the work has been done. It is important to remember that this relaxation routine, can be done daily or only on weekends, to eliminate accumulated stress.

instructions on how to do it

1.- We'll start with a relaxing bath, for this you can choose any of the options below:

  • Using a bathtub; which we will fill with hot water and add to this 25 to 30 drops of Palo Santo essential oil.

  • If you do not have a bathtub, You can use Palo Santo soap in a normal bath, gently rubbing the skin. While we carry out this process we will be cleaning and exfoliating our body, thus eliminating impurities.

2.-  After finishing our bathroom, we proceed with a delicate massage in areas of discomfort and pain. For this we will use the essential oil, placing a small drop in the palm of the hand. This massage can be performed in areas of higher concentration of stress in our body, as: feet, back, arms, etc.

Once the massage is done, the best part arrives; the purification and relaxation of the body.

For this we will use the following:

We will start by placing a certain amount of water in the diffuser, according to the size of it. After this we add 3 to 5 drops of Palo Santo essential oil, we turn on the diffuser and it is only a matter of time to feel its effect.

Another option is to use a pot and put it with water to boil over medium heat, When it is in a boiling state add 3 drops of Palo Santo essential oil.

You have to be careful with this method since the water must be kept warm, over medium heat so it can evaporate completely.

And this is how we can release the accumulated stress, purifying our body by filling it with good energies.

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