Haute couture in tagua jewelry.

Haute couture in tagua jewelry.

Materials of different shapes and colors found in the world of jewelry. But exist one very peculiar one that provides great help to nature. It helps to avoid a serious global problem; the extinction of animal species.

As appreciated in previous publications, ivory traffic is affecting various species. One of these species are elephants. The reason for this is the use of animal ivory for the production of various products such as jewelry. Without knowing that it is possible to use other sustainable material that does not affect the ecosystem.

There is a peculiar material that helps us to counteract this.This material is tagua. Currently, tagua is a product that is becoming known internationally in several countries. And it is amazing to see how it is being incorporated into haute couture fashion. And the amount of designs that can be created from this material.

Jewelry designers are implementing this material in their collections. Creating special designs at the forefront of each style. For the great part of designers of jewels the main reason is to contribute to eliminate the traffic of animal ivory. Demonstrating that the tagua as seed of vegetable ivory, It can become an important material for fashion.

That is why designers of haute couture in jewelry; as Alexandra Mor they chose to work with tagua. Proposing a pleasant idea to use a sustainable resource of nature.

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Did you know that he made a complete collection of tagua jewelry?.

Although it is hard to believe; Alexandra Mor on one of her trips to Bali, realizing the suffering of elephants due to hunting for ivory trafficking. She decided to look for new materials for the creation of her jewelry. This is how he discovered the tagua. Using this material in their designs, creating a complete collection of tagua jewelry.

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Through this collection called “Tagua Seeds Collection”. The main objective is the intention to present the tagua as an effective alternative for ivory trafficking. Displaying tagua as a luxury material in fashion.

This collection of tagua jewelry was unveiled two years ago,in the fashion week in New York. The 20% of profits from this collection, It was intended for an elephant protection organization.

However, there is another species affected by ivory trafficking. These are the rhinoceroses. It is important to know that it is a species that is in danger of extinction. In the traffic of ivory this species is present by the indiscriminate sale of its horns.

Thus, the organizations that give protection to this species, they look for solutions. An alternative that surely you will have heard is to paint their pink horns.

It may seem strange to you; How is this possible?.

It involves injecting a special toxic substance into the horn of the rhinoceros that dyes it pink. This substance is harmful to humans but not to the rhinoceros. For its content of toxic elements such as parasiticides. This ink can be detected in airport scanners, even with the horn reduced to dust. To thus protect this species from its possible extinction.

There are people who are willing to help to eradicate this problem. Among this group, there are already many jewelry designers, who decide to include sustainable proposals in their creations. Using the tagua as the main material.

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