Aromatherapy for Depression: How to control the symptoms naturally?

Aromatherapy for Depression: How to control the symptoms naturally?

At some point in life, Many of us have gone through emotional problems that have left us exhausted and without energy. But not in all cases it is possible to get out of this emotional state. The problems that invade our mind affect, in such a way that, they prevent us from developing normally in our daily life.

When this happens, There is a probability of falling into a mental and emotional disorder considered as Depression. Maybe I already have a prior knowledge on this subject. But what we do not know about depression, is that it is more than just a low mood.

Depression is currently considered a disease. Therefore the person who is in a depressed state, needs medical treatment to improve. Normally society has the wrong idea, that it is just a state of mind like any other; that can't be easily put aside. This is one of many misconceptions about this mental disorder.

The people who come to have a depressive state; They block their minds, they are affected physically and emotionally. Among the symptoms that a person in this state presents; we have the following:

  • Sleeping problems

  • Problems of memory and concentration

  • Negative thoughts all the time

  • Lack of interest in daily activities.

  • You want to cry for no reason

  • Feeding and weight problems

  • Neglect of physical appearance

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The list of symptoms is extensive; this is why there are different treatments and therapies, because in each person, depression acts differently. One of the options to help treat the depressive state, it is the use of essential oils.

Because it is mainly a disease of emotional state, essential oils contribute to this work, qualities that help improve the physical and emotional state of the depressive person.

These oils are used through the practice of aromatherapy. Through this practice, It can control and relieve the symptoms of the person in a depressed state. Aromatherapy consists of improving the mental and physical state; through the application or inhalation of essential oils. These smells go directly to the brain acting as emotional triggers.

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Within the options of how to practice aromatherapy, to improve a depression disorder, we point out the following:

  • Using essential oils to apply on the body helps to relax the muscles. Its smell present in our body, it is a good agent to avoid emotional crises. It is advisable to always carry a pocket bottle at hand, so when there is some negative emotion or feeling of sadness; the aroma of the essential oil will make us feel better.

  • Another way to use essential oils as a therapy for depression is; using aroma diffusers. We can use these diffusers both at work or at home. This will eliminate all negative feelings, achieving greater concentration, they renew and recharge energies and alleviate physical and emotional discomforts.

  • Performing aromatic baths at home is a good option, using essential oils while showering. It is advisable to do it approximately one hour before going to bed. This will have a better effect using the essential oil, in our physical and mental state.

They will probably ask themselves; What kind of essential oils to use?

Thanks to mother nature, there is an extensive variety of essential oils. Among these oils we can mention:

  • Lavender

  • Chamomile

  • Rosemary

  • Ylang Ylang

  • Tangerine

  • Palo Santo

Each of these oils possess excellent medicinal and healing properties. Being this way of great help to be able to use them in aromatherapy. They can use the essential oil of their preference. But I will focus on telling you about a special oil, the essential oil palo santo.

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The essential oil of palo santo is characterized by its rich limonene content, for being an antioxidant, antibacterial and natural antiseptic. Its smell of woody citrus will help stimulate our brain. In this way they help to relax your body, allowing a greater concentration. This essential oil is a tool to practice aromatherapy;and thus, control problems of mental disorder such as depression, being a good option to use in each of the indications said above.

Remember that one of the main symptoms of depression is mental state. A person with depression should be properly treated by a specialist. The main function of aromatherapy is to help control the symptoms of the depressive person.

I hope this information is very helpful, and that they can use in their daily life or be able to help another person with this therapy.

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