How to care for and maintain your straw hat during the winter?

How to care for and maintain your straw hat during the winter?

At the end of the summer it is normal that we leave aside our accessories of the season. At present straw hats are the most used during the summer, but when the rainy and cold days arrive. It's time to clean and store our precious straw hat.

Although I know that many of you, like me, consider that the straw hat can be a great accessory during the winter, since it can also help us hide the frizz of our hair caused by humidity, we run the risk that the Toquilla straw hat deteriorates faster because it is made of 100% natural material and when wet or stay wet the straw can rot.

It is for this reason today I will give you some tips to be able to take care of our straw hat during the winter season.

Never leave your straw hat on a direct source of heat. We know that toquilla straw hats are made with 100% natural material, and when entering the winter season we are afraid that it can absorb moisture and consequently make the straw rot. If you believe that keeping the straw hat on a direct source of heat during the winter may favor it, let me tell you that it is not so.

When we put our straw hat on the heat what we do is that it deteriorates faster, since the heat causes the straw to tuck causing our hat to break.

Ideally, they should do the following:

Make sure the hat is completely dry and free of dirt. If you see that it holds moisture, try letting it dry outdoors, where it does not get directly into the sun.

To clean it rub the stains carefully and with a little water to which you can add a little (very little) of soap, rubbing gently in circles until the stain disappears. You know that water vapor can help us a lot in this process.

Then look for a cardboard box to put it in; It should not be an airtight container, it is much better if it is made of natural material such as paper or wood, it will absorb moisture and allow air circulation.

If your hat has any stain, do not get upset this is easy to erase. The vast majority of spots, are produced by manipulating the hat with dirty hands, or by an excess of accumulation of grease from the fingers in the cup or wing, where it is caught.


In the vast majority of occasions, a white eraser, will serve to remove dirt and leave it as new. The straw is a fiber very similar to paper and it is for this reason that the eraser will give you great results. Before saving your hat remember to clean it from dust and if it is possible to iron it if you do not know how to do it then I leave the following link: 5 Tips to take care of your straw hat Toquilla

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