The toquilla straw hat: Revolutionizes the film and fashion industry.

The toquilla straw hat: Revolutionizes the film and fashion industry.

In fashion, there is no impediment to impose styles in any social sphere. Daily we realize the new trends that appear and how they cause a stir among society. We can find any variety of styles. From the simplest and most uncomplicated to the most elaborate and glamorous. In conclusion, fashion extends from art to sport, it does not have limits. This time I want to talk to you focusing on the world of cinema. Since its appearance, Cinema is inspiration for the fashion industry and vice versa. One of the details that are considered important are the outfits to be used in each scene. Through these designs styles are created, depending on the character that is going to be elaborated. Through characterizing each character, these outfits have been highlighted creating trends. As part of these styles, there is the use of straw hat as a luxury accessory.

The toquilla straw hat has been part of the style of iconic characters from the world of cinema. But, it is important to ask, How is the film industry?.

Empecemos conociendo ciertas curiosidades del cine desde su invención:

  1. Born in Paris on December 28 in the year 1895, considered as a show.

  2. One of the causes for the birth of the seventh art, It is the appearance of a mass audience.

  3. The Lumiere brothers, they created the cinematograph. Device that allowed the taking, projection and even copying moving images.

  4. Recognized characters of history tried to venture into this world. Among these Fidel Castro, who tried to succeed in Hollywood.

  5. The longest movie in history is “ The Cure for Insomnia”, it lasts 87 hours and was filmed in 1986. The interesting thing about this; was that years later, they filmed the movie  “ Modern Time Forever”, with a duration of 240 hours. But, for its content of bureaucracy, it was not considered within the guinness book of records.

Knowing this curious data, that surely impressed them; I will tell you how fashion plays, until now, an important part of the cinema.

Since the beginning; cinema and fashion are linked hand in hand. Both industries support each other despite having different directions. The fashion industry has used the cinema, as a source of inspiration and a means of publicity. In the same way the cinema has used fashion for each character, create the personality and contextualize them.

In the cinema it is important that each character created, carry with it its own style. This is where a new way of creating trends takes place. In this process that has been done for years between film and fashion; characters have been created with styles based on recognized brands or in the life of famous designers.

This is how characters are created, with which more than one person feels identified with the way of dressing. One of these styles that became a trend in the world of cinema; since the twentieth century, it is the use of toquilla straw hat as a fashion icon. Initially it was considered as an accessory of masculine clothes. being part of the costumes of several characters in recognized films.

Achieving to give the psychology of the character a style different from any other. Next I share with you data from films where the straw hat was used; and what hat styles they used.

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After a while; the toquilla straw hat began to be part of the feminine attire, creating an extensive variety of styles. Taking advantage of this way, the world of fashion to be inspired by new feminine styles.

It is important to mention that among the actors who interpret these characters; that use as a characteristic the toquilla straw hat, They also often use them in their outfits of everyday life. Imposing own styles outside the characterization of the characters.

It is interesting to know, how two industries that are managed in different ways, They can have a close relationship and help each other.

What style called your attention the most?

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