How to use a toquilla straw hat in street fashion?

How to use a toquilla straw hat in street fashion?

In the universe of fashion, it is interesting how day by day it changes without stopping. Every day new styles, trends, brands, designs are born that give us a variety of options to choose from. In fashion everyone plays with their style according to personality and taste.

We find styles from the most simple and elegant, to the most elaborate and extravagant. In this area of society, there are people who like to set trends wherever they are. It is here where the wide variety of styles that we can find is born. Among the most common are: Hipster, Trendy, Casual, Classic, Glamorous, Sexy, Punk, Rock, Gothic.

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Each of these styles has its own personality according to the person who adapts them. However, there is a very peculiar fashion style that is causing revolution. Becoming a mixture of several styles, adapted in different ways. This style is known as "Street Style" or Street Fashion.

This type of style refers to real fashion. It is about wearing outfits with their own personality; that is to say, it appropriates breaking fashion rules and creating anything common designs. One of the main characteristics of Street Style is that it is based on using styles that are not shown on the catwalks. They are styles that we see everyday, that people use for their daily activities; be for a day of shopping, an evening with friends, going to the movies, among others. But they give it its originality depending on the occasion. Curiously, of these styles that we see on the street, new outfits appear as inspiration that are exhibited in famous clothing brands and famous catwalks.

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An event where this style is taken into account is in the fashion week in New York. During this time there is not only fashion on the catwalks; we also find fashion in the attendees of this event. This combination of garments draws the attention of the vast majority of photographers, they seek to capture original and more attractive styles.

This trend in fashion is usually more incited by fashion bloggers or coolhunters. Using their influence on the public to show that fashion is accessible to all. The true importance of this style is the power it gives so that we can all be part of fashion. As I mentioned in previous publications; it's just a matter of taking risks and playing with colors.

A basic complement that can not miss in your wardrobe to impose this style; it's the toquilla straw hat. Interestingly it is common to see in most of these styles the use of toquilla straw hat. There is a variety of outfits where the toquilla straw hat becomes the main accessory to enhance the whole.

Next I will mention Street Style options, where the toquilla straw hat plays an important role.

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  • The mixture of leather jackets; with designs or embroidery, next to the toquilla straw hat is an excellent option. In my case I love the combination of both garments. It gives the appearance of an uncomplicated but serious style at the same time. It is also a casual outfit that you can use easily. It is advisable to wear a classic toquilla straw hat; but if you want to risk a little more, choose another different color according to the color of the jacket, it is valid to do it.

  • A garment that is unusual but that is imposed in the Street Style, it's the Kimono. Considered a pledge of imperial style, It is considered in this style. Match it with the straw hat toquilla will make an interesting mix and that will give an appearance of formality in the person who uses it.

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  • Finally, we mention basic colored garments, that will never go out of style. By basic colors we speak specifically of white and black. These colors will never be missing in your wardrobe and will always be the ideal for any occasion. A very good option is to wear dresses of unusual designs; without prints, whether white or black color. With our toquilla straw hat you will look unique and original.

Recall that this style is very broad and that there are no rules when dressing. These among many other options can be used to match the toquilla straw hat. So it is an accessory that can be easily matched with any outfit. Everything is a matter of daring, imagining and creating.

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