6 Curiosities about the Tagua. (Organic Ivory).

6 Curiosities about the Tagua. (Organic Ivory).

Currently the tagua is becoming a very important reference in different industries. Being recognized worldwide in several countries, for the number of functions and utilities that is attributed. As we know, the tagua is considered as vegetable ivory; forming part of alternatives to eradicate the traffic of animal ivory. For this I want to share with you, several curiosities about this natural element that is revolutionizing the world.

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  • The country where it is attracting attention due to its similarity to animal ivory, is China. Chinese designers are interested in using a material friendly to nature and innovative for the fashion industry. As we know China is recognized as a world power country, in various fields including fashion industry.

  • The Guangdong Fashion Week is known to be a very important fashion event in China. In the edition carried out last year, the use of tagua was highlighted in different ways. Among jewels, handicrafts, attire accessories, buttons, among others; showing that the tagua is a luxury item for large designs. In said event; Many designers believe that tagua could become an inspiration for future creations.

  • The tagua is being considered as a material for the design of interior spaces. Relating it from a small-scale element on a large scale; as the elaboration of floors or walls. Allowing infinite colors, finishes and carvings.It is important to mention that this is found in research and testing processes.

  • It is considered to be able to use the application of the tagua in the pharmaceutical chemical field. This can be possible through the dust that comes from the tagua seed. Thinking about the creation of a cosmetic cream with exfoliating properties for our skin. This initiative is still under investigation.

  • In several countries (Peru, Ecuador, Colombia) is where the tagua grows; This has become an economic sustenance for each family. Being for years a custom that is passed from generation to generation, to the present.   

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  • The mococha is the 'head' that contains the fruits of the palm that produces the tagua. Inside it, the seeds that are enclosed in a hard and woody bark; They are edible when they are still tender.Interestingly, the "Mococha" is extracted, to be able to make the sweet and salprieta.

It is interesting to know how many utilities a single component of our mother nature can have. As we can see; the tagua every day is present more in several industries. Obtaining from it new utilities that are discovered with the passage of time.

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