How to raise the vibration of your body?

How to raise the vibration of your body?

In our daily environment we are exposed to vibrations of nature or people around us. These vibrations can affect your well-being without realizing it. It all depends on how our mood and way of thinking are. These vibrations are found inside our body, at home or in the workplace. Everything has vibration because the atoms, and the molecules are in constant movement.

Let's start first to know, What is vibration?

Vibration are oscillatory movements of a body around a reference point. Everything moves from some perspective. Sometimes the sense organs have limitations and they do not allow to capture the vibrations of nature. It is similar to radio stations.

“Vibration is something consistent, that repeats, rhythmic pattern. Vibration is the essence of all matter, energy and consciousness. Vibration is emanation base from which all matter, the energy and the conscience. Vibration is the basic emanation from which matter is created. All vibrations are a "waveform, with oscillations per unit of time, frequency called" p.273 Wheels of Life, Judith.

There are two types of vibrations in our body. Low vibrations that are dense can cause criticism, anger or anger; that is, a negative and annoying attitude. When they are light, they give us feeling of joy, serenity and inner strength are high vibrations.

The vibrations greatly influence our attitude and mood. That is why the type of people we surround ourselves with greatly influences, the circle of friends we frequent and the work environment we have. As you can tell, it is advisable to keep our vibrations high; So, to eliminate chakras that do not allow us to be aware of our being.

When these chakras accumulate they can even affect our health. It is important to be informed of how to raise our vibration; without running the risk of falling into a serious vibrational imbalance.

How can we raise the vibration?

To raise the vibration is necessary to understand, that we can establish a routine to keep track of our vibration. I present below, 4 options to raise the vibration of your body, to be able to eliminate chakras and improve your mood and health.

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Scented candles: Candles is a material used for many years. When electricity did not exist; these were used to give birth to homes in the world. But it is curious that this material has a very strong energy power. Thanks to these tools it is possible to detoxify our home from bad energies that affect our day to day. They are very useful to clean and raise the vibrations of our body.

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Essential oils: This option is very good and easy to use. These oils for their ancestral properties help to cleanse our body; relax and disappear all bad energies. You can use them as a perfume, with a diffuser of aromas or options of your preference.

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Music: Music through its sounds, emits frequencies that can help this work. Be careful with the type of music to choose. In this case it is advisable to combine music with Mantras. The Mantras help us to release stress and connect with our inner being. Being aware of all our spiritual energy.

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Meditation: It is recommended that we all learn to perform yoga. Yoga helps us to maintain every organ of our body. With a variety of postures we can maintain an adequate state of health. Renew energies and eliminate any chakra that is affecting us.

Remember that the spiritual part of our body needs constant maintenance. The vibrations of the body are important in our lives to maintain a proper state of balance.

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