Wear western style with your straw hat toquilla

Wear western style with your straw hat toquilla

When a new fashion style is born, this becomes a worldwide trend. When it becomes a trend it becomes a fashion brand that leaves traces. I'm sure that each of you have your favorite style or they combine their own style with different styles.

It is amazing to see how the wide variety of styles in the world never end, because every day a new style is born with details that leave more than one impacted. Sometimes these styles are born from movies that were an icon of the fashion industry. One of them, that we all recognize perfectly, it's the one with the cowboy movies; currently known as the western style or cowboys.

From the cowboy boots to the toquilla straw hat, they mark a difference unique from the other styles. But do not think that necessarily we have to dress like cowboys to wear this style because it is not like that. As I have always said, everything is a matter of playing with our tastes, designs and colors. There are several basic garments that we can have in our closet to look like the old west. Recall that the main accessory of this style is our toquilla straw hat, without this this western touch would not be the same.

This Western style emerges in Texas, having as reference the Boho style, giving the appearance of a wild air. Since then he has had space on the catwalks for several seasons. This is how in 2016 this trend increased its presence thanks to brands such as Calvin Klein, Valentino and Saint Laurent. There is a lot of relevance that has been acquired, in countries how united states until reaching European countries, in an alternating way to the present. The special detail of this type of styles it is the way in which the autochthonous roots from which it comes are pointed out. A very ingenious way to trend a culture in the fashion industry.

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That is why the today you will know several tips to be able to wear this peculiar style in the world of fashion, without leaving aside your personal touch.

  • One of the main accessories for this style, is the use of the traditional toquilla straw hat. This is the one that will give the western appearance of the old west. The straw hat style indicated for this style is the Fedora. Remember how in every movie that appears of cowboys, none of them were missing their toquilla straw hat. The hat was like their identity, the difference that distinguished them from other cultures.

  • The jean jackets with different designs, especially print of animal print, are characteristic of this style. And it is a garment that can be easily combined with garments of basic colors without losing the intention of the style.

  • A characteristic that can be appreciated much in this style, It is the use of leather. They can be pants or jackets. If you have a garment like this in your closet, do not hesitate to use it to recreate this style.

  • The clothes with the classic fringes is an important detail of the western style. It can be blouses, pants or jackets, it is something that will always focus on the style of the old west. To make this outfit even more incredible we can go with a classic toquilla straw hat. and you will truly see yourself as a fashionable cowboy.

  • Denim garments are a great help to recreate this style. And they are garments that we easily find in the closet.

  • We can not forget accessories such as earrings, bracelets or necklaces. In this style option we can add the versatility of tagua jewelry.

  • The designs of the tagua jewelry that go more in accordance with the western style, they are long necklaces with bold colors or neutral colors, earrings and bracelets that go in the same line of the design of the necklace.

As you realize, it is easy to wear these types of styles and be able to have many options to look fashionable. In my opinion the western style is interesting to me and original to use from time to time in our outfits. The positive of this style is that we can include not only autochthonous details concerning the old west, It is also possible to include accessories or details of our country of origin, without altering the base style you want to achieve.

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