Buy Tagua jewelry wholesale, the best choice to give away

Buy Tagua jewelry wholesale, the best choice to give away

Buying wholesale has many benefits, it's cheaper, you consume what you need, you should not go back to buy and most important, it gets you out of trouble in moments of giving a gift.

In May it's Mother's Day and it's also my sister's birthday. I had to give 5 gifts for the women in my house. My mom, my 2 sisters and my 2 sisters in law. I was going to spend a lot buying the presents separately. But I had an idea. Why not make a wholesale purchase?

  • It was cheaper to buy a package of 6 jewels. I saved money to buy the cake for my sister's birthday. In previous years, money was enough for gifts.
  • The jewels are varied, the designs are not the same. You do not have to worry if you are going to give the same gift to your mother, sister, cousin, niece or sister-in-law. Each jewel is different from model and color.
  • You save time. You do not need to go to one store and then another. This will take you hours and maybe days. With a wholesale purchase in one place you will save time. When buying 6 jewels from a single you will have time to go to walk the dog or go to play with the children.
  • One buys just what he needs. It has not happened to you that sometimes you think that you buy what is necessary, but at the time of distribution you realize that you have lacked. So if we buy wholesale we are at the advantage of gifts, these are plenty and do not miss.

When I bought this high quantity of Tagua necklaces I solved everything. All the women in my family were delighted. They liked the material of the jewels, this is an ecological ivory that grows on the coasts of Ecuador.

The colors were assorted just like their designs. These colors combine well with any summer clothing. They are colorful, fun and sophisticated. I loved them.

Since there were 6 collars and the gifts were only 5, I was left with the last necklace. Even I was benefited. I kept with a necklace that I use almost every day. I like to combine it with loose blouses, dresses, jackets and also with beachwear.

For my sister's birthday party I bought a set of 12 collars for the prizes of each game. Among some games were: The game of the chair, pin the tail on the donkey, the frog dance, And the best tongue twister.

After this date, at 2 weeks we had a Hawaiian party. It was a family party, everyone had to go with fresh and colorful clothes. We put the tagua jewelry, the other people congratulated us and said they liked these jewels, they wanted to buy them. So I gave them the address online to do their shopping.

Another good option to complete this purchase is to do it online. You save twice as much time. If you go to a physical store, you become distracted by talking, seeing the products or trying the merchandise. Instead if you shop online, choose what you like, add it to the shopping cart, and make the payment. Problem solved ¡!

I remember once I went to a physical store to buy some sweets, I was distracted watching clothes and shoes. I started to see people buying, and I had to do row. In the queue I took 30 minutes to pay what I was going to take.

From that moment I decided to do my purchases online, my clothes, appliances, personal hygiene items and costume jewelery.

Buying wholesale is a fun way to get out of the shopping routine. You earn, consume and save. This gives many options to the buyer. You can choose the designs, colors and prices.

Some necklaces have beads, cylinders and slices. These are small, medium and large. They are multicolored.

I tell you that this purchase can also be made in other special cases, for example, they give Christmas gifts to members of the house. This would be a good option to give your secret friend and the rest of women in your family.

Then you know why it is important and necessary to buy wholesale Tagua jewelry. has many options jewelry, simple and striking models. He even has jewelry for men. I love your material, its eco-friendly. In this way we take care of nature.

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