Style guide: Toquilla straw hat for men

Style guide: Toquilla straw hat for men

The fashion world is followed not only by women. Men are also part of this great industry. Being an icon of various styles; but we have to emphasize that men are more practical when choosing their outfits.

Really despite the fact that there are garments especially for men. Everything will depend on how they wish to wear their style. When choosing the outfit of the day, they have as a priority to know how to and with what to combine what they will use.

As for the accessories; we know that they use specific accessories such as watches, glasses or a hat. Today I will talk about a specific accessory. This accessory is the famous toquilla straw hat.

50 years ago the toquilla straw hat was an accessory that was used daily. It was even considered socially disrespectful not to wear it. Currently men are more practical to wear a toquilla straw hat. The toquilla straw hat today is part of modern man's life.

For this we will know 5 types of toquilla straw hats ideal to create an elegant outfit and at the same time with an original touch in the masculine clothes. Remember that it is very important to always maintain your essence and do not leave your own style aside.

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It is considered a classic toquilla straw  hat. Sometimes this hat is associated with the Gangster style. The idea of associating it with this type of style, it was born at the beginning of the year 1950. The actors who played characters about mobsters and detectives, they used this hat to give mystery to the character.

This type of toquilla straw hat is an excellent choice to give elegance and a personal touch to your style. It is advisable to use it with a blazer with plaid designs or a plain design.

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Pork Pie

This is a peculiar design on the hats. In other countries this hat is made of fabric or leather and in other countries such as Ecuador, Colombia, among others, it is made with toquilla straw. Its name is due to its resemblance to a pork pie. It is considered as a unisex hat, both men and women can use it. Generally, it is considered more a masculine attire. They are usually used in jazz club or billiard room. This hat is preferred for use in the summer season, by the youth community. The elaboration of its fabric is done through a machine to be able to harden the base. The interesting thing about this type of straw hat, is its ease of being able to combine them with any outfits. Whether for a formal or informal aspect.


It is known as a flexible toquilla straw hat. It has a shorter edge and is tilted down. In certain occasions it may have a certain resemblance to the fedora hat, but it differs by being simpler and flatter.

It gained popularity from the year 1960, but it debuted much more with the bands of the 90s, since then it has remained in the world of fashion.

It is advisable to use it with a long coat, jeans or a sweater. Either of these options looks great. But if you prefer a more formal attire, a black American shirt along with the toquilla straw hat, it will give you the touch of elegance and sobriety that you need.

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Panama Hats Classic

It's the quintessential summer toquilla straw hat. Being for many years the perfect complement to protect yourself from the sun. Can be combined with shorts or white shirt, light pants, Cam of bright colors, cool and light shirts accompanied by suede or leather shoes. It is an accessory that can be easily combined with any style you want to achieve.

A curious fact about this type of toquilla straw hat; when the tissue is superfine can retain water.

And just like these, there are many more styles of toquilla straw hats, that you can use to combine your favorite clothes. In men the straw hat is an accessory that can be used several times. The toquilla straw hat does not matter what design they use, it will give that unique and original touch to your appearance.

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