Discover the meaning of the colors of the jewelry you wear

Discover the meaning of the colors of the jewelry you wear

Life is full of color wherever we look at it. Each of these colors transmit somehow sensations in us. As they also reflect our personality. Colors can be classified according to temperature  and the sensations that they transmit. Thus, thanks to the colors we define who we are to others.

This detail is important in every aspect of life. As for example in jewelry, colors speak for themselves. We choose the colors according to our personal tastes. It is said that color improves the visual appearance to anyone. In the fashion industry, brand managers rely on specialized psychologists in color. Through this they define how to position their products in the market.

But specifically we will talk about the meaning of colors in jewelry. In jewelry, a number of colors are used beyond the main colors. In general, there are two types of color groups; the warm colors and the cold colors.

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Warm colors

In warm colors we have red, orange, yellow and green. These are colors of great clarity, life and harmony; creating a cozy atmosphere. They reflect movement, aggressiveness and capture the attention of others. Below I will detail the meaning of the main colors of this group.


  • Color of strength, fire, passion and love.

  • In this color, power is identified as a way of life, in which we dominate destiny and our own control over it.


  • It is the element and color of creativity.

  • It represents the beauty of vegetation.

  • Considered as the color of truth and sincerity. It is the color of life in its purest form.

Yellow - Material and spiritual wealth

  • This color means the birth of the sun, it's the pure brightness,the essence of the beginning of life.

  • It is used when you want to obtain material and spiritual benefits.

  • It represents clarity in thought, intellect, light and spirituality.

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Cold colors

In this group we have the main colors blue, violet, bluish green and indigo. They are considered passive colors that convey a sense of freshness, hardness and tranquility. The coldest color of this group is blue. Normally they are related to the power of calm, the serenity; transmitting a lot of patience and reflection. Next I will share with you meaning two important colors in this group.

Violet- Nobility

  • This color is associated with the nobility, dignity. It even relates to royalty.

  • It is considered the color of magic, marking a boundary between the visible and not visible.

  • It is the symbol of fantasy and imagination.

Blue- Fidelity

  • This color is related to feelings, life cycles and fluctuations.

  • It transmits tranquility and confidence.

  • It is considered the color of communication, the divine and fidelity.

It's awesome as a single color that we wear in our outfit, in this case in our jewelry, you can transmit so much. I hope this information that I share today with you serves. If you liked this information, comment on the bottom of the comments. Do not forget to follow us on all our social networks,Facebook ,Twitter,Instagram, where we share new information every day.

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