How to care for your organic ivory jewelry?

How to care for your organic ivory jewelry?

I know that it happens to all of us that when we buy a garment or accessory, after using it for a few days or for a time it is usually damaged and becomes opaque. So it is annoying that this happens, and much more if it is with our favorite ecological ivory accessories.

Just when we want to use tagua jewelry, we realize that it has a small dirt or is opaque. And this ruins us the idea of the attire we want to obtain.

That's why I want to share with you several tips, to prevent this type of situations. Remember that for our jewelry to last, the care we have with them also greatly influences.

I will explain in detail what should be done and that you should not do to keep healthy ecological jewels in ivory. These tips can also be used for jewelry made of other material or to keep a garment in good shape.

Without more to say, let's start with the first advice to follow:

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  1. Nail polish transparent.

Surely you have already heard about this trick, and that really is very good to keep our jewelry with the brightness that characterizes them. The transparent nail polish will help us to avoid discoloration and chips in tagua jewelry. Applying a thin layer of transparent enamel as protection. This will allow us to keep the color of the jewels and their shape as new. The transparent enamel can also be used with rings. Placing a small layer of enamel inside, we will prevent the finger from turning green.

  1. Save them correctly.

At this point we have to be very attentive. The way in which to store or store jewelry greatly influences your care. We can not put our jewelry in drawers at random. The right thing to do is to hang them properly so they do not get tangled and prevent them from breaking. For this we can use a jeweler suitable for each type of jewel. Thus, it is an easier way to find the jewelry we are looking for.

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  1. Clean with water.

In general, organic ivory jewelry is usually sensitive to certain liquids and can be damaged when cleaning them. Therefore it is advisable to do it better with pure water. This way we avoid that the jewel discolors and loses its color. The only thing we will do is clean with water, using a soft toothbrush. Then we let it air dry on a soft cloth.

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  1. Use silica gel.

When we buy handbags, shoes or products online. These products usually come with small packets of silica gel. These packages will help us a lot to keep our jewelry well-maintained. At the jeweler or place where we keep the jewelry, we will place one of these small silica gel packs nearby. With this we will manage to move away the humidity.

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  1. Avoid perfumes or heavy lotions.

We have to avoid using this type of strong aromas and heavy on the neck and hands. The perfume content, if it is heavy, can accelerate the oxidation process of the jewels and damage the brightness of it.

  1. The jewels are the last step.

Every time we manage to leave, it is customary to first place the jewels and then the perfume. Other mistakes that we usually make when we have the jewels on, is to use the lacquer while we use the jewels. Both ways will not help us to keep the jewels well maintained. It is recommended that the jewelry is the last step to make when we finish fixing. If possible, place them a few minutes before going to the intended destination.

Now with these tips you just gave them, your jewelry can be kept for much longer than expected. Recall that the tagua or organic ivory jewelry, they are the ideal complement to every outfit we use. That is why it is important to take care of them in the best way.

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