What kind of hairstyles to use with your toquilla straw hat?

What kind of hairstyles to use with your toquilla straw hat?

Currently the great part of the people, both men and women focus on looking good in their appearance. In the women, every detail counts to always be in fashion. Without losing your own style and being comfortable at all times.

There is an accessory of fashion that we really like women.This accessory is the toquilla straw hat. We women like to combine it in different ways and in all kinds of styles. It is becoming a very practical accessory to use. At the time of wearing the toquilla straw hat, we always look at how we would look better. And this turns out to be a bit complicated. We do not know sometimes if to use it with loose hair or we just have no idea how to comb the hair, to be able to use the toquilla straw hat. At first this happened to me, and he always wore it with his hair down. But over time I discovered ways to comb my hair and show off my favorite toquilla straw  hat at the same time. It is possible to use it even with the collected hair or with braids, giving a special and unique touch to the whole ensemble of the outfit that you want to use.

Then I'll show you several options of hairstyles with braids to be able to wear your favorite toquilla straw hat and look really more beautiful and fashionable.

You may think it is a little complicated to wear a toquilla straw hat with braids. But it really is very easy and practical. Apart from that the braids are a very good option so that the toquilla straw hat does not fly.

The braids can be worn in the way you like. It is advisable that they always be braids with a semi-collected hair; but, if you want to fully collect the hair there are also braid options with which you can achieve it. It's just a matter ofcreativity to make the right braid.

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Braid semi-collected:

This braid is basically about making a semirecogido of our hair. We will start to make the braid on one side of the hair. You decide if you do it from the inside out or from the outside in. In what you are weaving the braid, you are giving a semicircular shape to go leading to the opposite side. Try to collect as much as you can all your hair, trying that the braid is in the fastened one of the low part of the head. It is important to mention that this type of braids is easier to perform in a short hair. But for long hair it is advisable to divide the hair into two, after this braiding on both sides and join both braids. Holding them very well to the lower part of the head.

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Pigtails of fish braids

Surely you know what is the braid of which I will speak next. It is one of the favorite braids of any woman. In my case I love to make this type of braids in my hair. And when wearing them with a straw hat toquilla gives us a super chic look.

For this type of braids there are many ways to show them and much more with a toquilla straw hat. In this case I will talk about pigtails, which are super easy to perform. Instead of making a braid of 3 strips of hair, we will make 2 strands of hair and weave the braid normally. Just across the side strips, alternating the amount of hair on each strip. Once our pigtails are finished, we proceed to pinch a little so that they are loosened and we see a relaxed  braid style. And we are ready to wear our toquilla straw hat. Recall that the braids began to weave from the middle part of the head.

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Braid with side pigtail:

Surely this type of braids you will like. So it is very easy to do and practice to use it in those moments where we have little time. The only thing we will do is put all the hair to the side. Once this is done, we begin to weave the braid taking its direction only on that side. In this type of braid there are several options to make, among these are the following:

  • Braid of three strips with normal fabric

  • Braid fish or braid of two strips.

  • Braid of four strips.

We also have two ways to make the collected side. Any of these two forms looks very good. The first way is by helping us with a league, we hold the hair sideways and from there we begin to weave the braid. The second way is to start weaving braid from the bottom of the head, to one side collecting hair in this way.

I hope you can put into practice these hairstyles with braids and wear your toquilla straw hat in a unique and different way.

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