Use of essential oils in respiratory problems

Use of essential oils in respiratory problems

More than one has suddenly happened to us, from night to morning we begin to feel discomfort when breathing. This type of discomfort can be caused by exposure to cold or climate change, producing some type of discomfort in the respiratory system.

It is important to remember that the respiratory system is a fundamental part of our body. This system plays a major role in our body, since it helps the other functions of our body work correctly.

In certain occasions we begin to have respiratory problems that affect us in general to our body. Among these respiratory problems are asthma and bronchitis.

These respiratory infections are usually caused by the attack of a virus or bacteria. Also this type of problems can be caused by being genetic inheritance or simply poor care of our health.

Its appearance in our body means that the immune system is weak. Each of these symptoms that it provokes come accompanied by congestion, coughing and difficulties to breathe. But; Did you know that these types of conditions in our health can be treated or improved with the help of essential oil ?.

Knowing the wide variety of uses that we obtain from essential oils, these are also of great help for the respiratory system. Depending on the essential oil we are going to use, we will do it topically on the skin.

The essential oils for their variety of functions and properties that will help us to decongest, calm and relieve pain and relax our body.

It is advisable to use them topically as mentioned above. Using the steam of the essential oils we will achieve excellent results, one of them improve the rhythm of our breathing.

I will present you several essential oils perfect to alleviate respiratory problems below.

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil

It is considered an effective essential oil to combat respiratory problems. Its most peculiar use is as decongestant. Surely you have heard the recipes of our grandmothers every time we get flu using the eucalyptus. For its strong fresh and penetrating aroma that can be easily felt pleasantly.

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Rosemary Essential Oil

This essential oil fulfills almost the same functions as eucalyptus essential oil,  but it is differentiated by its expectorant function and alleviates different discomforts in the respiratory tract. It is advisable to avoid the inhalation of rosemary essential oil directly.

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Palo Santo Essential Oil

As we know the essential oil palo santo, for its content of limonene and woody citrus smell, it will help us act as a decongestant.

With its steam it will help us to unclog nostrils and cold symptoms, in addition to relaxing our body eliminating any kind of stress.

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Mint Essential Oil

Also known as peppermint essential oil, it helps decongest the airways, allowing us to breathe better. We can also mix it with rosemary essential oil and the essential oil of eucalyptus to have a greater result by means of a direct inhalation. In other words, we dilute it with the other oils.

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How to use essential oils to alleviate respiratory problems?

When it comes to respiratory problems, depending on the oil we can use them topically on the skin or by taking an infusion of the essential oil.

In this case I would recommend doing it by means of steam. Either through a diffuser of aromas or using a pot with hot water. Only placing 3 to 5 drops is enough to perceive the aroma of each essential oil.

It is important to remember that of the essential oils mentioned, we must be careful with the essential oil of rosemary so it is not recommended to inhale directly.

If you have a respiratory problem, it is advisable to visit the doctor before using any product or medication.  If you liked this information, comment on the bottom of the comments. Do not forget to follow us on all our social networks,Facebook ,Twitter,Instagram, where we share new information every day.

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