Celebrities wearing toquilla straw hat

Celebrities wearing toquilla straw hat

At some point in our life, when we were little, we really liked the way our favorite artist dressed. And if we dressed like them, we were the happiest kids in the world. Most likely, is that now there is still a little of that emotion and illusion to look like the celebrities of our preference.

And as I'm sure they would still like to look like their famous favorite. Today I want to tell you about an accessory, who currently use it a lot among celebrities. In different types of attire and combinations, giving that touch that makes them special to each of them. This accessory is the famous  toquilla straw hat.

The toquilla straw hat has become the accessory that never goes out of style. Its use is since several years ago. He has obtained great renown in the world of art and fashion.

There is a number of Hollywood celebrities who use them and in a very peculiar and original way. You will find from the most relaxed and uncomplicated styles, even the most formal and elegant styles. Here is a list of celebrities who like to wear your toquilla straw hat and in what way they use it.

Let's start with this publication that is very interesting and you will love it.

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Angelina Jolie

Many of us know this beautiful actress. We have seen each of his films made. Films that have had a success that have transcended for years. And surely they realized that in several of his films he wore the toquilla straw hat, as an accessory to his character. One of these films was "Los Jeremes Rojos".

But he has not only used it as accessories for his films. He also wears the toquilla straw hat to complement his daily attire. Usually she chooses to wear it in cool and comfortable outfits. He likes to combine it with jeans, fresh tank tops. The toquilla straw hat is your perfect ally in those days of sharing with your family, or simply when she is not in her role as actress or famous Hollywood.

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Emma Watson

Considered one of the most beloved actresses in the world of cinema. The style of Emma Watson at the time of wearing the toquilla straw hat is more versatile. Use the toquilla straw hat in an elegant and casual way, as well as in a more relaxed and uncomplicated way. I love the way he uses it elegantly without leaving aside his style. The toquilla straw hat is usually combined with casual suits or western style dresses, giving it that touch of elegance that she has natural.

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Johnny Deep

The favorite artist of many. Actor, singer, composer among other talents more. His style is unique and unmistakable. It is a combination of a hippie style with a rock style. This incredible actor uses the toquilla straw hat  in formal and informal attire. He usually wears his toquilla straw hat with scarves, jackets and jeans. Always imposing its original style.

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Michael Jackson

The memorable king of pop, successful by his music worldwide. His style was always considered formal. But it evolved little by little, accommodating to the trends that are imposed in the world of fashion. Focusing on how he wore the toquilla straw hat, Michael Jackson used to use it in his music videos as an important accessory of his attire. As in the music video Smooth Criminal. Combine the toquilla straw hat with a two-tone suit, in a lively way, always standing out in each scene of the video.

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Zac Efron

On this occasion his style to wear the toquilla straw hat is different. Zac Efron usually uses it on informal occasions, like when you go on a trip or a normal day of fun. His way of combining the toquilla straw hat is uncomplicated, using it frequently with jeans and cool shirts.

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Ian Somerhalder

This famous and coveted actor usually wears the toquilla straw hat in a peculiar way. His style is versatile and attractive. Your way of wearing your toquilla straw hat can be elegant or more easily and relaxed. You can see him wearing the toquilla straw hat with jeans and a casual shirt, as well as wearing cloth pants and a good coat wearing his toquilla straw hat.

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