Creativity and designs in toquilla straw hats

Creativity and designs in toquilla straw hats

At present the creativity of people are increasing. Especially if it's about our clothes. Every day there are different types of models of a single garment. In different sizes, models and versions. In this case I want to tell you about the toquilla straw hat. As they have come to realize lately, apart from having the classic model with the basic color of the toquilla straw hat. New and original ideas have emerged. These ideas are the toquilla straw hats dyed and those that are adorned with drawings or simply with the detail of our name.

These types of toquilla straw hat designs are being seen more frequently in this 2019. It is important to remember that due to the fact that they change the design or color of toquilla straw hat, it does not mean that this is not original. It's still the classic toquilla straw hat that we all love. Without more to say let's start talking about each of these models that are used lately.

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Toquilla straw hat, wide brim with personalized name.

Normally these toquilla straw hats are striking for their particularity to bear the name of the person who wears it. These names can be put with a thread or rope, the color of your preference,  giving an original touch to our toquilla straw hat.

On other occasions these names can be colored with acrylic paint. Giving a more personalized finish in every detail of the name of preference.

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Custom toquilla straw hat with landscapes.

This is another type of toquilla straw hat. Different kinds of shapes are made in them, referring to nature or landscapes. Lately, these toquilla straw hat are becoming a trend in the fashion world.

An important fact is the fact that they are being considered as works of art. Each detailed figure in these toquilla straw  hats is born from the inspiration of an artist. That inspiration that helps you to express wishes and dreams in a single drawing or figure.

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Fully dyed toquilla straw hats.

Surely you will have noticed this type of toquilla straw hat model.  It is usually the most frequently seen from a few years ago. I believe that this was a way of expressing creativity in order to offer more models with the same quality.

And so we can find toquilla straw hats of different colors and different models. Of my preference, my favorite is the broad-brimmed toquilla straw hat in any pastel color. With a good combination in the outfit will give a super casual and formal touch to our appearance.

Coincidentally, in these last months, the action of dyeing the toquilla straw hat is taking place. This dyeing is being done in the toquilla straw hat not only of a single color, but also of several mixed colors. Adding to this particular designs.

Every day the weavers think how to innovate this traditional garment. So lately, these toquilla straw hats are in great demand among foreign tourists. Being the black and brown tones the most striking for them.

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