Use of essential oils in foots reflexology

Use of essential oils in foots reflexology

Have you ever heard about foot reflexology?. Probably not, but do not be scared that it is not any pseudo-practice that could affect our health.

Foot reflexology is a known manual technique in India, China and Indonesia for more than 5,000 years. Manual therapies are a set of manipulations. These manipulations are carried out through the hands. Our hands become a diagnostic and therapeutic tool. It is a type of movement and stretching technique.

Within these manual therapies we find pedal reflexology. It is one of the therapies that works with reflex points of the body. On the feet these points are more specific and accessible. The curious fact is that thanks to this therapy we can eliminate stress, fatigue, favoring the elimination of toxins.

But what happens if we join this type of therapy with aromatherapy, using essential oils as the main ingredients. This is really possible, because of the benefits we get from essential oils. These will allow us to have a more effective and lasting result.

Analyzing from another point of view, it would be a foot massage but in a specific way to calm the ailments that our body has.

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How to perform foot reflexology?

The operation of this technique consists of giving punctual massages on the feet. It is important to mention that for this there are basic points of the feet when performing the massage. Therefore massaging these parts we can treat different types of body ailments.

For this it is essential to know what are the points that we should massage. As a perfect complement to these healing massages, it uses essential oils. We can use the essential oil of our preference. The use of essential oils will facilitate the movements at the time of giving the massage.

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What kind of essential oils to use?

Essential oils are used according to the type of ailment or discomfort you have. While we perform this technique it is good that we have an aroma diffuser nearby. This will allow us to relax even more while we put this therapy into practice. For this I will present you with essential oil options that can be used according to the pains or discomforts. For this I will mention the following essential oils:

  • Geranium Essential Oil:

This oil allows us to eliminate toxins, cellulite and improve the circulation of our body. It is also recommended for people who have muscle flaccidity.

  • Lavender Essential Oil:

This essential oil is recommended for people who usually suffer from pimples on the skin. Besides that it helps us a lot in cases of fungi, dandruff or some inflammation of the body.

  • Lemon Essential Oil:

This essential oil is recommended for people who suffer from diseases such as anemia, poor circulation, arteriosclerosis or varicose veins. Through these massages we decrease the symptoms, improving little by little the state of our body.

  • Essential Oil of Orange blossom:

This essential oil is special for people who suffer from acne, or who have sensitive skin. Sometimes it is usually reddened or irritated, but this essential oil will help us to improve this condition.

  • Cypress Essential Oil:

For people suffering from hemorrhoids, poor circulation or varicose veins. This oil is a good option to treat this type of ailments through reflexology.

  • Romero Essential Oil:

When it comes to people suffering from hypotension, hypertension or tachycardia. This essential oil will help you a lot to improve and control the symptoms of these diseases.

  • Palo Santo Essential Oil:

As we know, Palo santo essential oil has several properties. Through these massages the oil will help to reduce stress, improve migraine or control problems of muscular overload.

Foot reflexology is one of many ancient techniques that have been used as a means of healing. When combined with aromatherapy we can obtain a satisfactory result. Remember that we should not let go of having the guidance of a doctor or specialist of the subject. If you liked this information, comment on the bottom of the comments. Do not forget to follow us on all our social networks, Facebook ,TwitterInstagram, where we share new information every day.

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