The toquilla straw hat as a perfect accessory for brides.

The toquilla straw hat as a perfect accessory for brides.

Fashion is such a complete industry, that is present even in the most special and important moments. There is a very special space in this industry, that most women are excited about. It is one of those moments with which we sometimes dream. This special moment is the day of our wedding.

It is the day where we want to look as beautiful and perfect as possible. And in certain occasions we do not have clear which is the style that we want to express. It is a special day in the life of any woman and the goal is to surprise and at the same time feel comfortable.

For this reason today I want to share with all of you, an option to use on this special day.

As you know for this day the accessories are very important. The combination of each garment is essential to look delicately perfect. One of the accessories that is becoming trend, to wear bridal attire, it is the toquilla straw hat.

So is!, it is possible to combine the toquilla straw hat are outfits for brides. And it really looks very beautiful and original. With this accessory you can surprise more than one at the ceremony, especially your future husband.

There are many ways to wear the toquilla straw hat with your wedding dress. We can even add the bridal veil as part of the hat complement.

I want to present to you next 2 options of how to carry this special accessory, on an important day like your wedding.

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Toquilla straw hat with net:

In this type of toquilla straw hats, the short-brimmed and wide-brimmed hat is taken into consideration. Accompany the toquilla straw hat with this particular detail, not only applies in bridal attire but also for other styles.

Normally for bridal style dresses, it all depends on what style of dress you wear. I know you'll say it should be a dress with an uncomplicated beach style. But in reality it is not like that, you can wear a delicate and elegant style. Looking like a princess with a toquilla straw hat is not complicated.

The touch of the network can be simple, only covering a small part of the face. As we can also choose to cover the entire hat without hiding the detail of the hat material.

The network we use to give a bohemian style to our wedding dress, it can be a simple network or with small details of flowers or any other delicate detail. The goal is to give that special touch to the complete outfit. With the net we can also use a small cloth tape of a contrasting color, according to the color tone we can use in bridal attire, and complement even more the appearance of our clothing.

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Toquilla straw hat with veil:

For some of you maybe this can be a crazy idea and a little out of the ordinary. But believe me it looks very nice and gives a touch of sostificacion we all want to highlight. There are several ways to wear the wedding veil with our toquilla straw hat. But I have been struck by two ways that I want to share with you. And I am sure that you will like it for the touch of elegance and originality that we can obtain.

The first option is to use the veil around the toquilla straw hat, adorning delicately. In the back of the toquilla straw hat we have to be very careful, the fall of the veil has to look delicate and soft. Of this it depends on that the complement of the veil does not see like a simple adornment.

Another way to use the veil is the "plumeti" style. This style basically consists of wearing a veil that completely covers the face and toquilla straw hat.  To achieve a little mystery in the appearance of the bride. But without leaving aside the feeling of innocence and purity.

What do you think of the information today?, I love to talk about this topic. It is interesting to think that we can look different and unique on such a special day. Without neglecting the elegance and sostificación than the occasion warrants.

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