We reuse information about Montecristi hats (Panama hats)

We reuse information about Montecristi hats (Panama hats)

The toquilla straw hat is known worldwide. Everyone talks about this hat because it is handmade. Everyday we find information about this handicraft from Ecuador.

There are many methods for reusing information. You can do it in flow diagram, synoptic charts, infographics etc. It's all about the creativity of each person.

We have reused the information of Panama hats in a creative way. Through an infographic we have summarized all the information of the hat. In this infographic the history of the Montecristi Hat is briefly detailed.

Also in the picture you can observe all the steps to make a Panama hat. We describe from the picking of the straw toquilla to the marketing of the hat. You can not skip any steps. This is the artisan tradition to make them.

At the end you will get a list of the most marketed hats models. The United States, Germany, England, Australia and the Netherlands are the ones who buy the most hats.

In today's society it is necessary to share this kind of educational information. Reuse gives initiative to new things. You can improve the content.

We have become more efficient. We make more structures with the same information of Panama hats. We give new uses to these writings.

With these changes in information we want to achieve new goals. Collaboration and participation of the reader. The receiver will actively participate.

Recall that to reuse and manage new knowledge we must use creativity.

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