How to be the perfect guest at a wedding?

How to be the perfect guest at a wedding?

Knowing how to dress according to the occasion is very important. It's true that once in a while you have to break the rules, but we must try not to go out of context with the attire we wear. Each occasion has its basic rules to be able to wear the right attire. It is up to each one of us how we decided to use our clothes.

It has happened to all of us that we have been invited to a compromise and we do not know how to dress. One of these occasions is the invitation to a wedding. Especially for us women, it is a little complicated in deciding what to use for this kind of occasions. But the simplest way to solve this is to know the basic rules to be the perfect guest at a wedding.

Between headdresses, accessories and garments it is important to create a good harmony, without affecting the atmosphere of the event. That's why today I want to share with you 4 basic rules to look perfect as guests of a wedding.

Before starting, it's worth remembering, that in several of these rules it is valid to wear a toquilla straw hat with delicate details or a beautiful set of organic ivory jewelry. Both options are appropriate for the occasion mentioned in this case.

Without more to say, let's start!

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The headdress:

The headdress we choose for this occasion is important. We can use it in our attire like we can not. Normally this is a common feature in the wedding guests. The options that we can use for the headdress can be a delicate toquilla straw hat. This hat can be accompanied by an ornament with flowers or a small net.

Regarding the hairstyle, always try to be simple hairstyles. The only person who can wear an elaborate hairstyle is the bride. In general, the hairstyle should be reduced as the day progresses.

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The long of the dress:

This point is basic to keep in mind very well. The long of the dress varies depending on the time of the wedding. If the wedding is at night, one of the dress options would be a long one. In such a case the wedding is day, the only one that can wear a long dress is the bride  And depending on the organization of the wedding, you can also wear a long dress the godmother of the wedding. The proper long of the dress for the day is below the knee. Currently, midaxy dresses are being used a lot.

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The height of the heel:

This rule is usually not met, nor taken into account when choosing the right shoes for a wedding. I would recommend that always on this kind of occasions it is better to wear comfortable shoes. It is the best option to enjoy a nice moment with the couple.

Basically in most of the rules you have to take into account if the wedding is day or night. If in this case the wedding is day, it is preferable to leave aside the high shoes of 10 to 12 centimeters. Sure you'll think there's no problem because most women are used to wearing high-heeled shoes. But really the rule indicates that the correct thing is to wear shoes of no more than 10 centimeters.

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The color:

Here there is only one small exception to wear colors on the dress to go to a wedding. The only colors that are considered that can not be used at a wedding, It is the white color out of respect for the bride. And the color black by be considered a color of mourning.

Another color that I would consider that should not be used at a wedding is the color red. Do you think red should be used?, tell me in the comments section what you think.

The colors that I would consider suitable to use in a wedding would be soft and pastel colors. But it is clear that everything depends on the taste of each person.

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