How to combine your toquilla straw hat and favorite swimsuit?

How to combine your toquilla straw hat and favorite swimsuit?

Until today, different types of information about toquilla straw hats have been published. Among these publications are those that are referring to a curious information, which gives us knowledge or the culture from which they come. Instead I realized that there are also publications related to fashion.

The publications on fashion that I have shared with you have been several. But, I have not made any post regarding, How to combine your toquilla straw hat and favorite swimsuit ?.

There are really many ways to combine your swimsuit with a toquilla straw hat. Everything is in your taste and preferences. The toquilla straw hat looks great in any outfit. Considered as a symbol of culture and art and at the same time a benchmark of haute couture fashion. It is possible to combine it with a swimsuit, whatever the model, from a simpler way to the most crazy and daring way.

Everything is in how you decide to show off your appearance. This time I want to share 3 options with different styles of bathing suits, adding also a special detail that lately is often used for beach attire.

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Simple and original.

They say that less is more; this phrase is coincidentally widely used in the world of fashion. Although it seems that the extravagant is back. In my opinion, I consider that sometimes the simple thing calls more attention to the contrary of looking overloaded. For example, in this option I would like to show you a simple way to wear the toquilla straw hat. I imagine you have seen this type of swimsuits where the bikini part is covered and is up to the waist. With this style of swimsuit you can combine either a short-brimmed toquilla straw hat or a wide-brimmed hat. Lately they are very fashionable hats that are very long wide brim. Giving a more chic and original touch to our appearance.

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Naturally sexy

Maybe not all women use these types of swimwear options. There is a percentage that does and that grows with ease every time. As you can realize this option is the classic two-piece swimsuit or bikini.

This is where we let our bodies shine, being that way, naturally sexy. For this style take into account two types of hats that look super cute. One is the classic toquilla straw hat. And the other option is the cowboy style  toquilla straw hat. Either of these two options will give a special touch to your beach outfit.

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Current retro fashion.

Retro fashion is something that will not stop going out of fashion for any reason. At present, garments with this type of styles are still used. And one of these garments are swimsuits. By this I mean one-piece suits or more known as trikinis. This type of swimwear has taken a retro style in each of the designs. Although there are designs that tend to be a little more daring compared to retro fashion.

For this style we can use any type of straw hat, the one you like the most. Among these options we have short-brimmed hats, fedora style and classic fedora. Another option of hats would be the bell-shaped long-wing ones, this style of straw hat will give a delicate touch appearance.

In each of these three styles of bathing suits you can add a peculiar accessory. This accessory is the beach kimono. This type of garments will give a special touch to the swimsuit and depending on the model, you can also use it as a normal garment in your closet. What style would you like to use?

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