Does aromatherapy help soothe cats?

Does aromatherapy help soothe cats?

The power of aromatherapy and how much essential oils help this millenary therapy is impressive. The useful use we give to aromatherapy can improve all healing therapies. Not only is it a good option for people, it can also help animals on certain occasions. Being a simple and practical tool to perform.

As we know, aromatherapy works in conjunction with essential oils. Through essential oils, aromatherapy becomes a healing technique to relieve certain kinds of ailments.

In a previous publication I commented on the influence of essential oils on canine behavior. This time I want to talk about another type of pet that is wanted by several of you and that I'm sure that by reading this publication, they will be interested in knowing how to help your pet. This time we will talk about cats and if it really is beneficial to use essential oils in them through aromatherapy.

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Is aromatherapy safe for cats?

Maybe you have heard that cats have an amazing olfactory capacity, as a defense against predators and other dangers. Like all animals, they are usually susceptible to injury and disease. But how are our pets and therefore we make them a part of the family. That's why every time they get sick or we notice some strange behavior, we have the belief that the same medicines that help us as people, they can also serve them.

But the reality is different, the medicines that we use are not going to cause the same reaction. The preferable thing is that if your cat has some kind of ailment, take him to a specialist who will give him a safe and accurate diagnosis.

Really essential oils or any other type of substance, we can not use it directly in cats. Essential oils should be used intelligently in them. Cats do not have the ability to metabolize or detoxify certain substances in your body. When this happens, it can cause certain components to accumulate and become toxic to your body.

What scents are calming to cats?

Currently the correct way to use aromatherapy in cats, if it exists. We can not use the essential oils or any other substance in them directly. We can induce cats in aromatherapy with essential oils through hydrosols, this is a safe way to use aromatherapy and essential oils in cats.

Hydrosols are 100% water without alcohol, extracted directly from aromatherapy. Without forgetting that even then we can not apply it directly to them. We can use them through sprays that are specific to use in them or through an aroma diffuser. It is recommended that when using it in cats, be in an open place so that when you apply the scent to them and if you do not like it, have a way to escape and do not take it as a form of punishment.

The essential oils that are considered toxic for use in cats are the following:

  • Bergamot

  • Cinnamon

  • Nail

  • Fir tree

  • Orange

  • Orégano

  • Lemon

  • Mandarin

  • Pine tree

The aromas of the following essential oils are considered safe to use, for specific functions using hydrosols.

  • For calm: Lavender, pink.

  • For comfort: Calendula.

  • For depression: Jasmine.

  • For courage: Sweet pea.

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