Panama hat womens, how to wear?

Panama hat womens, how to wear?

Today is Tuesday and as usual, today is the day to talk about one of our favorite accessories, the toquilla straw hat. This accessory with the passing of time has been considered as a good option to add dynamism to our attire. I know we all love to look good, feeling comfortable and without leaving aside our own style and we know perfectly well that the toquilla straw hat is the perfect accomplice for this work.

There are many outfits that go through our head, at the moment of creating a combination of garments with the panama hat. On many occasions I have told you that we can use it in beach style or more casual styles.

But it is not enough to give you more idea, unique and original, of How to use the panama hat for women ?.

The reason why the straw hat is a good option to use in your outfits, it is precisely because of its material. The toquilla straw  is a very comfortable material to use, since it does not produce that sensation of heat in our head. Adding to this, that also fulfills the function of protecting us from the sun's rays.

Today I want to teach you options on how to use the panama hat for women. Among these options are those of wearing the hat with shorts or with a romper.

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Toquilla straw hat and shorts.

This is an option that pleases many of us. Shorts it is a garment that is always in our closet. Especially in the summer time, since for the climate change is a very comfortable and ideal option to use.

These shorts can be combined with all types of blouses; but, we must remember that everything depends on the model of shorts that we use.

If they are plain colored shorts, we can use it with blouses with striking prints, according to the color of the pants. If in that case they have prints, the most advisable thing is to use basic blouses that do not deviate the attention from the stamping of the shorts.

Among these options are also the famous jean shorts. With this type of shorts model we can use a variety of blouses, in my case, my favorites are loose-fitting blouses. And to this we add the straw hat and we have a different and special look.

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Panama hat and rompers

This is another option that I really like, since the Mamluks are being a frequent part of fashion these days. We can find in different sizes, colors and designs.

The combination between the panama hat and this type of garments is my favorite. The toquilla straw hat gives an elegant and super chic touch to our appearance without a doubt.

We can combine it with one color overalls, although for this type of garments it would be a good option to add a type of detail to the hat. Preferably the color you will use the romper so that the harmony of the outfit is not lost. But if it's a Mamluk with designs or prints, in this case it is advisable to use a simple straw hat, like a classic fedora with a wide brim or a short wing.

Remember that everything is in how you decide to play with colors and designs. Always taking into account your style to combine the clothes you decide to use. The impressive thing is that the toquilla straw hat is an accessory that combines everything. If you liked this information, comment on the bottom of the comments. Do not forget to follow us on all our social networks,Facebook ,Twitter,Instagram, where we share new information every day.

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