Toquilla straw hat, part of the micro-trends of 2019

Toquilla straw hat, part of the micro-trends of 2019

Trends in the world of fashion are constantly changing. And in all this, the new garment models are very influential, accessories even until the weather influences this change. Garments and accessories vary according to the season of the year where we are. But, not only do we want to focus on current trends because there are also microtendencias.

The Micro-trends are those which are known as so-called "Trends Pasajeras", that is, they are tendencies created by a minimum group of people. These people join ideas to create these microtendencias in the world of fashion. Sometimes they are usually like boomerangs that are present continuously season after season.

At present, these micro-trends are still giving a lot of talk. Both in clothing and accessories, but they are present and for the summer comes with several new ideas. Although it also makes present the trends that remain with the passage of time. Part of these trends is present toquilla straw hat, an accessory that is still part of fashion.

Then I present the micro-trends that will emerge in summer this 2019.

Toquilla straw hat.

It is surprising to see how this accessory is present in all seasons and trends year after year. Being the perfect accomplice of your daily style, it helps you to not only look good but also to protect your hair and face from the sun. The way to use it are very varied. You can use it both on the beach and on a more formal occasion. The toquilla straw hat styles that are most seen in these micro-trends are the fedora hat for women.

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Transparent blouses.

Transparency in garments is currently being seen frequently. But everything depends on the transparency design that you decide to use. You do not necessarily have to use transparency completely. There are models of blouses that usually have transparencies in the part of the back or you can simply use a bralette under it.

Using low bralettes of transparent garments, it has become a way to look sexy but without reaching an excessive point.

The return of checkered clothing.

Surely you remember that there was a time where plaid clothes were used frequently, in all kinds of garments or accessories. This 2019 this micro-trends returns, but with more focus on the portfolios. And although you can not imagine much using a portfolio with a checkered design, there may be the possibility that it catches your attention to use this peculiar accessory in your attire.

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Prints is a trend that go and come back constantly. We can not deny that somehow they look very good to use this type of garments. Lately the print that catches a lot of attention is that of cow. It may sound strange to some of you, but it really is like that, this peculiar print is a micro-trends that is venturing into the world of fashion. Although you really do not know how long it will last as a trend in this industry.

And as you can see, these are a few of a percentage of micro-trends that is imposing this 2019. I think that the toquilla straw hat will never go out of fashion. For being a versatile accessory to use in various outfits. If you liked this information, comment on the bottom of the comments. Do not forget to follow us on all our social networks,Facebook ,Twitter,Instagram, where we share new information every day.

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