Soup of letters of handmade products: Tagua Jewelery, Panama Hats and Palo Santo

Soup of letters of handmade products: Tagua Jewelery, Panama Hats and Palo Santo

In recent days I have been able to write more often and increase ideas for publications. This really is not a new occurrence. I have many ideas and options for creative writing. And I know that you too will like.

We have started using games so readers or customers can interact with us. Today we dare to make a letter soup of our products: Tagua jewelry, Panama hats, and Palo Santo products for aromatherapy.

The idea came to me because yesterday I was reading a local newspaper. In the entertainment section I found a game of letter soup. I started to fill it and I saw it as an option for the store. At that moment I began to assemble the picture with the words. At night I had it done, and now I share it with you.

Now what we need is for you to participate. Find the words of the letter soup. Take a snapshot of the activity and upload it to our social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Pinterest, instagram o Tumblr. It's easier than you think!

This pastime we have elaborated so that you know the handmade products that we do. For example the Panama Hat is 100% handmade by artisans living in Manabí. For many artisans this work is their livelihood. It is also a point in our favor, because this handicraft is one of the most emblematic in Ecuador.

Palo Santo products come from a tree that must be left to die for itself. If we cut it we will not produce the necessary essential oil. With all these products we can do aromatherapy. This means that our mood and emotions will be balanced. In short, aromatherapy has many benefits to our mental and physical health.

The Tagua Jewelry are ecological because we make them with a vegetal ivory. In other countries they kill elephants and rhinoceroses to obtain their ivory. We do not! We are an ecological company that likes to respect the environment. And we also like to value the work of artisans.

In this letter we want to inform readers about the sustainability of the products of We want you to know our work and generate a dialogue of knowledge about sustainable products. With this we form a sustainable culture.

The MAE (Ministry of Environment of Ecuador) gave a license for sustainable use of Palo Santo. This is because the tree has a sustainability and traceability that allows to follow the process of evolution of the Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens). This makes us an ecological company.

Every time companies are realizing that the impact on sustainability and the environment affects every day more. Many of them have implemented green policies to respect the environment. They create products that offer consumer benefits. In this way they talk about the products and spread an environmental message to their friends or relatives. 

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