Tips to take care of your Montecristi Hat (Panama hat)

Tips to take care of your Montecristi Hat (Panama hat)

We are travelers. We love to enjoy nature. And on each trip we bring our favorite clothes. The Panama hat is one of the most used garments to cover the sun in our travels. Especially if we have to walk. These trips leave us a great experience.

These straw hats can take them anywhere. But we always have doubts about how to pack them, how not to make them wrinkle, how to maintain their initial appearance for a long time. This requires a care of the hats since their purchase. Remember that these supplements must be kept in good condition to be able to use them.

Panama hats are 100% handmade. For this reason we must take care of them so that they do not get damaged. It also has different degrees of tissue. This allows the hat to be more flexible when storing or packing.

Actually, taking care of these supplements require little time and work. On this occasion we want to share some tips for the correct care of your hat:

  1. When storing the hat for a short or long time it is advisable to do it in boxes or covers. There are special boxes to store hats. It should be stored without tightening or folding. This way the mold of the hat is not lost. You will not be exposed to dust or heat. DON'T fold when storing. This will cause your straw to break.
  2. You don't know how to grab the hat? It's easy. You must grab it from the wing, from both sides. DON'T grab the hat from the part of the cup because it loses its shape. It's also more likely to get dirty. Now you know how to put on and take off your hat.
  3. These hats can not be exposed directly to hot. Except in the case of the sun which are natural radiations. Always leave it in cool places. The places should not be wet, because the straw softens and moldy. DON'T place it in direct heat sources as in heating, because straw is burned and toasted.
  4. Do not put them on the fire, but it is necessary to iron when the hat bends. But there is a valid technique for doing so. You should put a rag over the wing of the hat. Then let the iron heat to a low degree. And finally we passed the iron 3 times. IT IS NOT advisable to pass the iron so often because the straw can burn or shrink.
  5. Many people have told me that their hats have been soaked with water. O has been spilled on them liquid. And they ask me if its advisable to dry it with the technique of the iron and the rag. NEVER do this. These hats are not impervious to rain. For this reason you should hang it in a cool place where it will dry by itself. DON'T use hair dryers or heating to dry your hat. I tell you from experience. Once I almost lost my Fedora hat for drying with the iron.
  6. If you live in places where the weather is very dry it is advisable to moisten the hat a little. You can take a spray with water. Then rub on its wings superficially. You can also take a damp cloth and put it on the brim of the hat. Then iron at a slight temperature.
  7. Do not know how to remove the stains to the hat? Did you dirty it up with food, or did the kids get you dirty playing? For this you can use a clean rag moist, and not soaked. To put a little of low soap in glycerin, can be the one of the face. Then you should rub lightly where the stains are. You have to do this until it comes out lather. You have to repeat the times necessary for the stain to come out. But preferable to take it to the dry cleaner so as not to spoil it. It's better that a professional solves it.

I give these advice because I love Panama hats and I am currently collecting them. I already have 3: Fedora, Colonial y Borsalino. I always take care of the hats and I hope you do the same. I combine them with any clothing depending on the occasion. My first hat was Fedora. It's been 3 years and it's still intact. Looks like I bought it yesterday.

This hat has lasted me so long because I have a personal trick (I'm going to reveal my secret). I've been brushing with a soft bristle brush once a month. And then with a damp sponge rub in a circular shape.

These are some tricks to lengthen the life of your Panama hat and keep it in perfect condition. This way the hat will look like new. And you will not notice the years of use. I hope they are useful and you put them into practice. 

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