The benefits of D-limonene in Palo Santo

The benefits of D-limonene in Palo Santo

The Palo Santo is known as a sacred tree. It grows in the tropical and mountainous areas of Ecuador. The main feature of this tree is having to fall by itself.

Currently there are many products that come from this tree: Essential oils and incenses. These have a characteristic aroma. With these you can perform aromatherapy. But other products are also made with the tree: beads for necklaces and bracelets, Elements for the home are also made. Their wood is very resistant and for that reason they elaborate this type of articles.

There are also products for health and beauty: Palo Santo soaps, shampoo, conditioner and creams for the face and body.

But with all these products that are made we have a doubt. What are the properties of Palo Santo? Why is it used for aromatherapy? Why are there so many health products? Does it have miraculous components?

One could say, Yes.. It has miraculous components because it offers benefits for physical and spiritual health. And this component is mainly Limonene.

D-limonene is extracted from the oil of the Palo Santo tree. It belongs to the group of terpenes that act as antioxidants. When the oil is distilled, a higher percentage of Limonene is obtained. They have about 90% to 98%. It has a higher percentage of purity, which is why it is a colorless liquid at room temperature.

Likewise the Limonene is a derivative of the citrus. For this reason it is used in aromatherapy and food processes. The citrus makes our sense of smell better captures aromas. Palo Santo oils have D-Limonene and that's why they are used to make aromatherapy. This type of relaxation has many benefits.

Due to all these properties of D-Limonene care must be taken. Palo Santo products should be kept in cool, dry places. This is done to avoid the oxidation of the products. And also to preserve its aromatic components.

Apart from this we must remember that this tree has a sustainable process. All parts are used. Its wood is used to make incense sticks and beads. Your sawdust is used for the incense cones and for the exfoliating soap. Its oil extract is used to make essential oils, cream, soap, shampoo and other products.

Also the D-Limonene is a non-toxic hydrophilic solvent. It can be used anywhere because it does not harm humans or animals. That is why many people use it as aromatherapy to relax during their activities. It's also not toxic to the environment. For this reason it can be used at home, at work or anywhere you are.

As we have said before, it has therapeutic properties that soothe the symptoms before they manifest themselves. Then you should use any essential oil containing D-limonene. These can be lavender, peppermint, orange and palo santo. You can choose them according to your tastes. 

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  • Marta Lopez

    Marta Lopez 09/18/2018 Reply

    yo tengo el aceite pero está sólido y he leído q si calientas los aceites esenciales pierden parte d sus propiedades..
    Cómo puedo obtener las gotas?

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