Easy tips to clean your handmade jewelry

Easy tips to clean your handmade jewelry

You are women who wear jewelry everyday? Do you use them for work, for a meeting or a party? Do you like to be elegant and beautiful all day? But it happens that you come home and leave your earrings, bracelets and necklaces on the table? Then as the days go by they begin to get dirty and lose their shine? Do you want to learn techniques to clean these jewels? In this post you will discover the best methods to clean those special jewels that you like.

Maybe sometimes you do not have time to clean them. But don't worry anymore. We give you some easy and simple tips to clean your Tagua jewelry. These techniques are not expensive and can be done at home. It's not enough to clean them with a rag. You need to follow more advanced techniques like these:

  • Clean your jewelry with mild soap and water. Pass a soft bristle brush or a softly circular cotton swab. This will remove surface dirt.
  • To get to the smaller places there is another technique. We should leave the jewel for 5 to 10 minutes soaking in water. In this way the trapped dirt will soften easily and will come out.
  • Another easy technique is: fill a tub with warm water, pour a little low pH detergent. Mix until it becomes frothy. Let soak your jewelry for 10 minutes. Try to move the jewelry so that the detergent is concentrated. Once the 10 minutes have passed wash with clean water. Run a dryer at a light temperature. Make sure they dry well, otherwise your jewelry will lose its properties.
  • One of the tricks that my grandmother used to tell me when my jewelry was dirty was: Clean these jewels with tomato sauce. It's a rare technique but it really is very easy. You should put some tomato sauce on the front of your jewelry. With a cloth rub the sauce throughout the jewel. Now with a clean, damp cloth wipe the sauce. Try to scrub a lot to make your jewelry shine.
  • This technique I always use. In the morning, afternoon, night or at anytime. It's my favorite. You should prepare a paste with vinegar, salt and a little flour. Once you have made the mixture rub the pasta in the dirtiest areas and let them stand for 8 minutes. Then with a damp cloth remove the pasta.
  • The latest technique is also easy and economical. You should only use lemon juice. But don't eat it like I did. Squeeze a lemon and wet a fine bristle brush. Rub gently for your jewelry. Remember that the lemon gives back the brilliance to our jewelry because of the acidity.

Once you have your jewelry clean, store it in a plastic or cotton bag. The jewels must be separated from each other. This will keep your jewelry from getting stained, especially if it is metal jewelry that oxidizes with air.


  • You should not clean your jewelry with chlorine or bleach. If you do, they will lose their natural color.
  • Also you should not use luster or very rough objects for cleaning. This can damage the texture of your jewelry.

I give you some advice. Your jewels should be the last thing you wear and the first thing you take off. In this way they are not damaged or oxidized. Of course, before cleaning your jewelry you must take into account the material of each piece. The tagua jewels are made of a vegetable ivory and a thick thread. For this reason when you wash them you have to dry them well. The material may turn yellow if not treated correctly.

These tagua jewelry after cleaning should be stored away from moisture and direct sunlight. And for the finishing of your tagua jewelry I'll give you a little tip. I always practice this advice. You should apply a layer of colorless wax on the tagua pieces. This will make them look perfect for longer. Remember you should not clean them more than twice a month.

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