•  Llanganates National Park (beautiful hill)

    Llanganates National Park (beautiful hill)

    The national park llanganates is one of the places you must visit if you travel first to Ecuador. The name of llanganates means hill beautiful, which is true, the year are many families who visit it to live incredible and unique experiences.Read More

    02/01/2019 Tourism, Napo 0 878
  •  Next stop: The caverns of Jumandy

    Next stop: The caverns of Jumandy

    Jumandy means 'wise man', but the original name is Humandy, a term that has changed, throughout history. Arriving at the caves of Jumandy means getting reacquainted with the roots of the Ecuadorians.Read More

    10/19/2018 Tourism, Napo 0 1950

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