4 key pieces of handmade jewelry that every woman should have in her jewelry box (Tagua jewelry for the ecological people)

4 key pieces of handmade jewelry that every woman should have in her jewelry box (Tagua jewelry for the ecological people)

Every time we start a new season, we women think of the right accessories. We are very creative in this. We look for the colors, sizes, shapes and suitable materials that go according to the season. In this way we are not in the routine of putting ourselves the same jewels always. Renewing from time to time is important.

In addition we always have social events like parties, meetings, weddings, baptisms and more. We want to highlight in each event that we go, and be the center of attention. To do this, you must choose the accessories for each event you have. Remember that they lift or dull your clothing completely.

To get all these looks on us it is necessary to remember the pieces that should never be missing: necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. This quartet will make us look elegant with any clothes we wear.

We must identify our personality with these pieces. It's about having different models with different personality. For this, we will use the material that we like. It can be plastic, metal, chaquira, gold or ecological ivory. You can choose any of these materials in your jewelry set.

Here I show you the 4 pieces that you must wear in your outfit to look young, elegant and modern:


Necklaces are the perfect complement to complete the styling of your events. These are the pieces that most distinguish themselves in your look. You can wear short or long necklaces. With stones bathed in gold, or simply beads of other material. The necklaces give a timeless elegance to your clothes. You don't need to combine them with the same color of clothes, you simply have to play with the colors. And try not to look like a rainbow when it comes to stand out at a party.

The necklaces most used for dresses of nights or formal events can be: diamond beads, or large stones that shine. The colors preferred for the night are gold and silver. In the day instead you can wear a long handmade necklace, and combine with pastels and neon colors. For the day you can also use metal chains that go according to a bohemian look.


Well, we have reached my favorite accessory. I love bracelets of all kinds. If you want to give me something for a birthday present, do not hesitate to give me a bracelet! These give a plus and a touch of glamor to your outfit.

The interesting thing about bracelets is that they go with everything. A loose blouse, jean pants, a dress, top, skirts, even in the work uniform. There is no excuse not to use them.

At this point, if I recommend using simpler and more sophisticated bracelets. That these don't have many colors and are not so great. The smaller and less glossy you have, your style will be more chic.


Earrings have to wear them for life or death. They can never miss. I use them even to go to the gym. Its important that you choose the right model for each occasion. These accessories can be easily combined as long as they are not extravagant.

During the day you can use small pearl earrings. Try not to be so flashy, unless you have only one color the clothes. At night you can combine large earrings with pendants that shine. Never use these in the day, you will not want to shine more than the sun.

Also it's important that your earrings are not so heavy, and do not disturb your ears.


The rings add a touch of distinction to your daily look. These serve you at all times, you don't need to go to a party to use them. You can use it on different occasions, even for work, for shopping or on a trip. Remember that it is a plus to your dress. And there is nothing more satisfying that your hands look beautiful and delicate.

When choosing the rings you can create unique combinations. Currently, simple rings are used, they can include a simple symbol. It can be the initial of your name or a figure with which you feel identified. Do you like to wear several pieces at once? Then you can put up to 3 rings in a single finger, as long as the colors and figures have harmony with each other. It all depends on the creativity and the image you want to show to others.

Also if you are a woman who loves nature, there are also collections designed for you. The Tagua Jewelry is 100% handmade. They are handmade by Ecuadorian artisans. And they have a polished finish in different ways. I love these jewels because they respect the environment. This is an alternative to replace elephant ivory by this ivory that comes from a palm. It is known as ecological ivory.

Then you should consider these tips. Because a piece of jewelry changes our look completely.

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