Enjoy the handmade hats (Panama Hats) for this Fall

Enjoy the handmade hats (Panama Hats) for this Fall

Handmade hats are imposed with the arrival of Fall. It's a season where the climate is temperate. Sometimes we want to go for a walk with the dog. Other times we want to go on a picnic with our family. This season is good for many activities. And in every activity you must carry with you the garment that you like.

My favorite pieces are the hats. These are the complement for every occasion. To be honest, I have become a collector of hats. But the model that I liked the most is the Panama Hat. They are 100% handmade. For this reason I like it, because they are handmade.

Now the weather is not cold at all. But we must think later that there will be cold. And we have to cover ourselves with warm clothes. Thinking about a hat is necessary to cover the head of the cold. There are hats made of wool, leather, suede and toquilla straw. You can use any of these materials. It all depends on your tastes.

However, there are women who do not know how to choose the hat that best goes with their face and personality. I recommend that you see the features of your face, and the size of your head. Another important point is the color of the hat. Usually women know how to buy garments of many colors. But we can also use a neutral color that goes with any color of clothing.

Panama hats go well all year round. Now in the fall we dare to use them. We have a variety of models for every occasion. We can wear them with shirts, waistcoats, scarves, pants and boots. Sure you'll love the combination!

I like to wear wide-brimmed hats because I combine them with everything. Also these models add a touch of elegance to my clothes. I also like to wear them because they cover my head from the cold. They are super cute and I recommend them.

Also the material that I like the most is Straw Toquilla. Basically I like it because they are hand knitted. I value the work of the artisans. These craftsmen prepare in a school. Here they teach the different degrees of tissue. Truth is a task that we all must value.

And following the topic, I also wear the caps that cover my ears. These are made of wool, and are also woven by hand. At first I thought it would give me an itch in the head for the material, but it did not. I have a collection of them of all colors. These are always fashionable! They are a perfect complement to our image. I generally use caps in the day. And at night I wear Panama hats because they look more elegant. Combine them your way, and you will be the center of attention of the party.

In conclusion, we must wear many essential garments for the fall. Booties, leather shirts, long jackets, coats, wool gloves, bell-bottom pants, jackets, skirts and scarves. We can complement the clothing with elements with fringes, lace and prints. I love these clothes! Mix them so you have a harmonious and striking result.

We must invest in these fashionable garments for the fall. We experimented and wore these fashion hats.

What do you think of these models for this cold season? Would you dare use them?

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