Giveaway jewelry! Share your designs with us and Win $20 in tagua beads

Giveaway jewelry! Share your designs with us and Win $20 in tagua beads

This giveaway will encourage your creativity and environmental awareness by using materials respectful of our earth.

Participate and WIN $20 in Tagua beads (eco ivory). FREE worldwide shipping!

1. Send us pictures of your design to - Include your name and detailed description of the design.

2. Share the jewelry contest in your favorite social network (we will send you the link). Tag @ecuadorianhands and tag 2 friends to help us get the word out! That's it, you're participating!


- If your jewellery is dark in color, take the picture on a clear background.

- If your jewellery is light-toned, the background must be dark. Your designs will be appreciate much better.


1. We accept any of your beaded designs (necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc.). As long as they are natural beads (Wood, stones, seeds, etc.). We only accept designs made by you.

2. When does the giveaway begin and end? It starts on the 30th of each month and ends on the 30th of the next month.

3. How is the winner chosen? The winning design will be the one that receives the largest number of unitary comments until de ending day. The winner will be announced 5 days later.

4. About the Prize: Colors and models of beads subject to stock availability.

5. Minimum 5 contestants needed to launch the giveaway.

The more you share, more changes you get to win free jewelry! Enjoy!

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