Meeting for the Palo Santo soap promo

Meeting for the Palo Santo soap promo

Yesterday, November 27, a meeting was held. It was done with the work team of and Lucia Villavicencio. The meeting was to agree the participation of Lucia in the promotional video of Palo Santo soap.

Lucia, 18 years old, attended the meeting accompanied by her mother, Lucía Espinoza. Next to them was Fabrizio Vera, Marketing Director, Jhonny Montes, Video Director and Lady Moreira, public relations officer of the company.

The main topic to be discussed was the commercial script. This booklet is composed of 3 scenes that complement the characteristics of glycerin soap. The soap recharges your energies. It also serves as a natural relaxant, softener and moisturizer.

These scenes will be worked on in one day, both morning, afternoon and evening. The model will have 2 different clothes. The first one showing freshness and satisfaction of Palo Santo soap. In the second dress will be shown the nature, and the refreshing environment that deciphers the Palo Santo.

At the meeting an agreement was reached, Lucia will be the image of the soap! For this, the mother of the sovereign said that at home they always use the Palo Santo. “We use the essential oil of Palo Santo to give us massages, we like the smell, it is also good to scare away mosquitoes”.

Lucia, excited by the agreement, told us that she liked the presentation of the soap.” I really like the packaging of the soap, it is what really shows that it is handmade, I would buy it as much for the presentation as for the smell”.

On the other hand, Fabrizio and Jhonny set the date to make the recording. They are currently doing the scouting, that is, get table objects to decorate the day of the recording, reform the lyrics of the background song, and give more options for landscapes.

After the meeting, Lucia uploaded a photo to their social networks with Palo Santo soap. In the picture he showed how much he likes the aroma of Palo Santo. He also surveyed his followers with the following question: Do you like the aroma of Palo Santo? 75% (199 persons) of their followers answered yes, another 25% (73 persons) answered no.

Next, the video director with the public relations officer agreed to match the lyrics to the commercial. The video will have a duration of 30 seconds. The intro and chorus should be in accordance with the benefits and properties of Palo Santo soap.


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