Presentation of Collection of natural jewelry "OM Mystical"

Presentation of Collection of natural jewelry "OM Mystical"

On Friday, December 1st, the new collection of natural jewelry by the designer María José Zambrano "OM Mystical" was presented. The event was held at the Manta Host Hotel convention center.

This year's collection of jewelry is based on the emotional side of people, the spiritual and the energetic connection. The main thing of these jewels are the quartz, stones, earrings of Turkish eyes, tree of the prosperity, protective hands. The designer has used these jewelry supplies in her collection. This is the 5th consecutive year that she is doing this type of event.

The colors of this collection are amazing. The blue, yellow and green are the main colors of this range of jewelry. The target audience of these jewels are adults, people 30 and older are potential customers. In addition to this collection, there is also a juvenile line (16 - 23 years), and another for men.

María José comments on her inspiration in this collection: “I've always liked serenity, connectivity, and nowadays stones and quartz are fashionable, people believe in all this spirituality, and that's why I've been inspired by this collection.

The making of each collection takes a year, it is a family job, and among all of them they give ideas for the shapes, sizes and colors of the jewels. The OM Mystical collection has been produced since July. Maria Jose, says it's a team effort, the designer, the photographic production, the designs of the charms.

Carla Zambrano is the sister of the designer and helps with the designs of each collection. She affirms that the family company has social responsibility in the elaboration of the jewels. And it has a focus on people with limited resources.

In the fashion show, around 200 designs of fashion jewelery were exhibited, in addition turbans were shown so you can combine them with your clothes. The models that exhibited the collection are queens of the city. And they wore costumes from the fashion house Fernanda Zambrano.

This collection of 2017 was designed for cocktail dresses, semi formal. You can also use a beach style, with dresses and bathing suits. For all these combinations there are small and large collars. To combine are many options: yellow with purple, turquoise with orange, black with pink, green with gold. Everything depends on the taste of the people!

In the collection, the big necklaces stand out, which are noticeable and stand out in the dress. Instead the earrings are small and in different ways.

Among other collections that the designer has taken, there is tagua jewelry. This jewelry comes from a vegetable ivory. She was inspired by this collection by nature, because they do not kill elephants to obtain ivory. With the tagua, she has made earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

Lilian, who works with María José, says that the customers who buy the most Tagua jewelry are people from Quito. He also emphasizes that they never repeat the necklaces, they are unique models.

The world of fashion, especially jewelry, is a subject that women like to talk about. These collections of natural jewelry that are made in Manabí, are in the local, national and international market. This is because of the cultural value and the natural material with which they are made.

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    Folli Emery 06/14/2018 Reply

    Hola guapa! Tu nueva coleccion me ha gustado mucho, es genial cuando puedes resaltar tu cultura a traves de las joyas y sus materiales de calidad. Besos y felicitaciones
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